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Top tips for easy show registration

If you’re not sure how to go about registering for the show, simply follow the top tips below and

  • Print out a show schedule showing all the classes.
  • Gather your entries together.
  • Make a note on the schedule to show how many entries you have for each class.
  • Add up the total number of entries.
  • At the Show, read out your list thus: ‘Class 2, one entry. Class 7, six entries.’
  • Bring your own pen to write on the cards – class number on one side, your exhibitor number on the other. Do this away from the registration desk.
  • Remember to add the variety on the card if you know it, and whether or not it is a heritage variety.
  • Stewards will be on hand to help if necessary, if you have any questions, please ask.
  • Hey presto! It will be easy.

We look forward to seeing you there.

The 22nd Organic Fruit, Flower and Vegetable Show

Judged as nature intended – on taste!

It’s that time of year again – The Show is back!

The 22nd Organic Fruit, flower and vegetable show will be held on the 17th of September in the Exhibition Hall in Saltaire.

As usual, there are classes for everyone (including the under 16’s) and there are 14 new categories for you to try your hand.

And as usual, fruit and veg is judged as nature intended – on taste.

So get your green fingers working and you never know how many prizes you may walk away with.

Full information is on The Show page and you can download the schedule for printing and there is a poster available as well. Please print as many as you can and display them in your local area – help spread the word. Thanks.

21st Organic Fruit and Vegetable Show

general view of hall
General view of hall
Jerusalem Artichoke prize winner
Prize winning Jerusalem artichoke

Bigger and better than ever.

21st Show has proved that ‘grow your own’ is going from strength to strength.  Held, as it is every year, in Saltaire, at Shipley College Exhibition Hall, there was a record number of entries from members of the public, and the produce was displayed in over fifty vegetable and fruit classes.  People brought everything to show – from aubergines to zucchini; apples to Worcester berries; even bread and jam.  And the children had a go, too.  The top prize – the ‘Best in Show’ award – went to a dark and delicious courgette cake.

The attraction for the general public – and it was open to all – was everything being judged on taste.  It didn’t matter if your tomatoes weren’t the same size, or your carrots were forked; so long as they tasted good they stood a chance of winning a prize.  Even the chillies got tasted; but they had to have more to them than just heat.

The show will be running again next year, so if anyone’s missed it look out for it in September 2011 and have a go.  If it’s grown without chemicals or artificial fertilisers, or baked with organic flour, eggs and sugar, then the West Yorkshire Organic Group judges would like to taste it.

Have you gone nuts this summer?


Are you preparing for the Show?

Do you grow any edible nuts or seeds?

There should be plenty ready –
hazels, sunflowers, pumpkin etc.

Just prepare them as you would normally for eating.

Lots of people make their own non-alcoholic drinks – bring along a bottle with appropriate information, eg to be used diluted or not, and the judges will make them up before they taste them. We are now going to be judging both hen and duck eggs, and some of the ‘any other’ vegetables now have their own class.
In the new ‘Miscellaneous’ section even non-growers can enter the
photo competition to celebrate organic growing in West Yorkshire –
interpret that how you want. And not a new class but a fun one! Bring
an example of this season’s disaster as a photo or the actual plant –
but nothing that will spread pests or diseases. Eg – the most eaten
brassica, carrot or potato, the most pathetic pumpkin or sweetcorn —
don’t be ashamed – we all have them!

In order to publicise the show and get more people to come and look
and hopefully to enter something we need everyone to put up copies of
the schedule or print out the front and back pages and display them
where you work or in local shops etc, or send to your local paper.
Also there will be a stall at Saltaire Farmers’ market on Saturday
21st August giving people a chance to see how we judge the produce and
to have a go themselves as well as our local growers available to give
gardening/exhibiting advice. We had hoped to do this in Keighley but
have heard that it is finishing – a great shame for Keighley – but are
planning to send a piece to the Keighley News instead.

We always need helpers at the show, especially to act as volunteer
helpers for the exhibitors while staging their exhibits and stewards
to support the judging. Also to help with the refreshments, at
registration time and setting/clearing up in general. The thanks you
get for being a volunteer are FREE REFRESHMENTS! Don’t worry if you’ve
not done any volunteering with us before – there will be guidelines to
help the stewards and plenty of people to tell you what needs doing.
Helpers tend to start arriving from 8/8.30 but most help needed
between 10 and 1.30.

Please let me know if you would like to act as a helper and what time
you will be available. We will be very grateful for any help you can

Finally we are producing a new leaflet to publicise WYOG and are
looking for some photos to go on it. Please email anything suitable to
me – an organic garden/allotment, pictures from recent potato days or
the last show, children gardening or anything else you think might be
suitable. Thank you.


21st Annual Organic Fruit, Vegetable and Flower Show

The 21st Annual Organic Fruit, Vegetable and Flower Show will take place on the 18th of September, at the Exhibition Hall in Saltaire.

There are sixty four categories you can enter, ranging from ‘3 french beans to eat fresh’, to ‘3  hens eggs – 1 boiled, 2 raw’. New categories this year include ‘Seeds, one dish ready for eating’, ‘non-alcoholic drinks’ and  what should prove to a fun category – ‘This year’s disaster’!
In addition, there will be:

  • Organic fruit, vegetables and produce to buy
  • A chance to taste the fresh produce on display
  • Advice on how to grow fruit and veg
  • Refreshments
  • Entertainment and fun for all the family!
  • Time to visit Saltaire Festival

See The Show page for full details of categories, important information for exhibitors and directions to the show.

Annual Show 2009

The 20th Annual Fruit, Vegetable and Flower Show was held at Shipley College on Saturday 19th September.

Martin Bijl introduced Ann Cryer, our local MP, to present the prize. He said the number of entries at 554 was about 150 up from last year. It left the judges with an extremely difficult job deciding on the winners in all the classes.

Mrs Cryer then presented the cups, bowls and the shield.

During the day there were stalls with organic fruit, vegetables and home made products to buy, as well as a selection of hot and cold meals to keep us going.

The Show remains as popular as ever, and we seem to be the only organic one running in the country – some others have run for a while since we set the ball rolling 20 years ago, but none survived for very long.