2021/01/27 AGM (by Zoom)


  1. Present

    Brian Ford, Val Harris, Marion Pencavel, Frances Hutchinson, Martin Bijl, Peter Taylor

  2. Apologies

    Terry Marshall, Kate Toch, John Dallas, Clive Richardson

  3. Minutes


  4. Finance report

    1.  The accounts cover the whole of 2020 with exception of the December bank charges, in line with previous years.

    2.  Potato Day income rose by £430 and expenses by £201 compared with 2019 so overall profit increased by £229 to £1163.

    3.  2020 Show was cancelled due to Covid.  There was expenditure of £393 due to a late invoice for the hall hire for the 2019 Show.

    4.  Miscellaneous expenditure was down by £21.  Looking at the differences, in 2019, the group spent £325 on commemorative mugs, and £702 on donations; in 2020, £99 on the Photo Competition, £300 on donations, £167 on the domain renewal and web hosting which were due every two years, and £450 on website maintenance. 

    5.  The bank balance was down £415 compared with 2019 which was about the same size as the late hall invoice.

    6.  There would be no Potato Day in 2021 and therefore no profit other than a little from ordered seed potato and composts.  It was hoped that there would be a Show which would usually involve a loss.  Expenditure may be required on the website, see below, so it was suggested that the group do not agree any more donations until the cost of any work on the website is established.                                   

  5. Website
    • VH reported that the old website was not working well and was taking considerable time and money to update. It had been produced by Tony Wylie years ago but was now outdated for a number of reasons.  She had asked Laura Harris to come up with a proposal for a new one.  The proposal had been shared in advance of the meeting.  The estimated cost of setting up the website, training and support was £1700 with an additional £180 pa for hosting and updates.
    • BF / VH discussed value. Figures of usage seemed to be positive in that people who visited the old site stayed longer than usual indicating the site’s interest.  The website is not essential for Mailchimp but is better as the latter can’t take photos.  There were good things on the old one but they were not easy to find.  They would be transferred across.
    • PT reported that the group has about £2600 available in all. He was reluctant to let the total fall below £1100 and would prefer a higher balance.

    After further discussion, it was proposed that the website proposal be accepted and a fundraiser be set up to raise 50% of the £1700 fixed cost.  The vote was unanimous in favour of the proposal.  BF would look at options for the crowdfunder.

  6. Future activities
    • Given the ongoing Covid restrictions, it was not felt possible to organise anything. It was agreed that a meeting would be held in mid-May to discuss the Show and any other activities.
  7. AOB
    • PT would speak to John Dallas about potato deliveries.
    • PT and VH would continue to organise the compost order for February 27th.

    VH thanked everyone for coming and closed the meeting.