Terry, John and Clive

  1. potato day

    1. We will make no more attempts to organise an actual potato day in 2021

    2. Potatoes – the offer to our main buyers and all our members and anyone who looks at the web site is that that they can buy sacks of potatoes; we will offer both WCF and SKEA lists and suggest that people may like to club together and buy a sack, the ones from WCF can be bought in 2 or 2.5 k mini bags within a sack.

    Growing Newsome could buy the 1k bags from SKEA but this is not an option for anyone else

    People would need to make their order by 18th November and to have paid for them by BACs by 25th Nov. The potatoes would then be ordered by the end of the week. People would need to give a second choice when ordering in case their first choice was sold out

    We would aim to have them at Northcliffe Allotments by Saturday 13th Feb for collection and/or John D would offer to deliver.

    We would add a 20% delivery charge to all orders. John to be paid for 1-2 days work on this.

    Val to ask Laura to put amended lists on the web site and these can be added to the next newsletter

    Val to do a newsletter with these details within a week and update the web site

    Peter will receive the orders and collate; he will liaise with John, and John will put the order in by the end of Nov

    Brian to talk to John to confirm he can do the February date as it has moved a week because the allotment clubhouse is not available on the 6th Feb, and that he can do the ordering at the end of November

    John to get bulk orders from the usual growers and make sure their order is with Peter by the deadline

  2. compost

    we will offer members the option to buy from WRO and from Dalefoot; the delivery will be to the Northcliffe Allotments on 27th February. we will sort the details later in the year once we have dealt with the potato orders

    Peter will deal with all the WYOG orders and liaise with Val who will deal with the allotment orders

    Peter to get the list from WRO

    Val to get the Dalefoot list

  3. stalls

    4. Stalls

    Brian and Peter to contact all stall holders and ask them for details of where they may be having stalls/ on line ordering that we can advertise and direct people towards.

  4. photo compettion

    agreed 3 first prizes, one for each category would get a mug, certificate and and £10 voucher

    the 2nd and 3rds in each category would get a mug, certificate and and £5 voucher

    Peter will deal with all the vouchers and telling people they have won

    Val will work with Laura  to get the winners on the web site and the photos back up

    We agreed there would be a judges best in class; Val will send the drop box link to Marion and Peter so they can select their choice.

    Marion has the mugs, Val has certificates that Tony made and Judy has offered to write them out; these will be delivered to posted to the winners; we need to get their mail addresses Val  to sort

    Peter will contact Graham Porter and Martin Bilj when the web site is sorted to ask them to mention the photos on their radio shows

  5. AOB

    Brian to ring John and to talk through these plans.