Alison, Peter, Clive

  1. minutes and matters arising

    minutes accepted as true record

    Val to follow up social media lesson from Tony

    Cath willing to keep on with the HSL on our behalf

  2. Review of Potato day

    1. potato sales; we sold 96% on the day; sales up by £250; we need more first earlies and more sarpo

    2. after sales; only 39k left; Northcliffe sales abandoned due to the storm; Bracken Hall this weekend, Leeds Housing c-op will take whatever we have left. Some money handed over at the meeting. Val to sort with Peter

    3. stalls; all seemed to do very well and  income up by £35

    4. Cafe; takings up; need to get Plenty to invoice – John to do; Marion paid for her o/s invoices

    Cafe mainly worked okay but Marion and Val left to try and get everything up Val’s steps and back into the shed at the end of the day which was hard; need more help with this after the show and potato day or else cafe cannot run

    5. talks;  20 attended the first one, not sure about the next one; expensive for what they are; Alan Roman may want to come and talk next time

    6. publicity – seemed to work well as lots of people; need for more small fliers Peter to check invoices for how many we paid for so we can change for next year; agreed we need a new leaflet design. Val to talk to Laura

    T&A covered it with a lot of photos

    7.Dalefoot compost; we need more information about this compost to give  out to people; idea of trying to get some samples for people to see. Check with Cath if she might be interested in any for trials at the college, John to ask.

    8. financial overview; Peter’s email read out; looking forward to the full figures at next meeting

    9. other points

    Growing Newsome need to move their vehicle before 9.30, and then go to the cafe for coffee as it was blocking other vans in and John and Jane were outside sorting that out when the doors were opened. Peter to relay message.

    Books sold well, worth an appeal again next year

    Overall it was deemed a good and successful day and quite a lot of fun

  3. Next events

    1. Peter’s do on 4th July,  to be just the visit; to sort times.

    2. Wine tasting; we couldn’t think of anywhere nice to hold it; deferred until someone has a brain wave.

    3.Plant sale  – No

    4. Visit to Ampleforth – No

    5. Visit to Scampston – No



  4. web site

    1. there was an old part of the site about potatoes for sale which must have been there for years; it is being removed so there shouldn’t be such confusion next year

    2. lots of people having problems with having to keep refreshing their browser to access the website

    3. Val etc still having problems logging in to make  changes

    4. Jane and Laura need to meet soon to sort out the on line registration for the show and how Jane can manage this. Val to sort

    5. garden organic; agreed to just put a link to their web site. Val to write short blurb and get Laura to put up


  5. This years show

    1. Peter to book venue

    2. Brian and Peter to sort stalls

    3. Val and Laura to redraft publicity; Marion and Terry to send in suitable photos with permission to use

    4. Val to check publicity list on mail chimp

    5. Terry to sort kitchen Garden

    6. Laura to meet Jane for on line registration

    7. Marion to hand over stewarding lead to John Dallas

  6. Next Meeting

    Wed 29th April 6pm Ring O Bells