There were no apologies

  1. Attendance

    Val H, Alison R, Brian F, Clive R, Jane R, John D, Marion P, Peter T, and Terry M.

  2. Minutes of the last meeting, and matters arising.
    1. With the correction of the Minute regarding a Coordinator of the Judges for the Show, item 9 to read: “Peter T agreed to be the Coordinator of the Judges for the Show.” the minutes were agreed as a correct record.
    2. Laura had begun work to improve the website.  (item 5)
    3. We agreed it would be best if Tony W gave 10 – 15 minutes training on using Twitter within a normal meeting, rather than having a separate meeting.  (item 8.2)
    4. The order to Plenty had been made for Potato Day (Item 8)
  3. Potato Day 8th February 2020
    1. Stalls attending: Abu Bakr Rauf Scholarship Fund (PSC), Pextenement Cheese,  Riverford, Seed Swap, West Riding Organic Composts, WYOG and hopefully the Bread Co-op, (or Roz Garside).  The layout of the stalls was discussed at the same time as the hall layout.
    2. Layout of the hall.
      1. It was agreed to remove the screen on the left hand side by the stalls, and to place the Seed Swap stalls through a 90 degree angle to align with the compost stall.
      2. It was also suggested that buyers be given more space and sellers less.  Peter and John agreed to draw up a revised plan
    3. Speakers
      1. 10.45 Dr. David Shaw of Bangor University on the development of blight resistant Sarpo potatoes.
      2. 11.45 Linda Schofield from the Airedale Beekeepers Association  will be delivering a talk on ‘A glimpse into the amazing world of the honeybee’.
      3. Val to contact them with details and to advertise the times of the speakers
    4. Publicity.
      1. Many fliers and posters had gone out, e.g. to every public library and some shops.   John will do some more work in Saltaire and Shipley. Val to check the publicity list on Mail chimp
    5. Orders for compost.
      1. Both Val and Peter were finalising orders for Dale Foot and West Riding compost, respectively.
    6. On the day:  Clive is producing information about each variety, and where to find those varieties.
    7. Volunteers – we will need more to sell the potatoes although a couple less in the cafe.
    8. Cakes needed for sale in the cafe;  savouries have been sorted
    9. Any left-overs  will be for sale at at Northcliffe Allotments on  Saturday 15th Feb, and at Bracken Hall on Sunday 23rd Feb.
  4. Calendar for the year's events
    • February 8th  Potato Day
    • February 20th Next WYOG meeting
    • July 4th (Preferred date) A visit to Peter’s new Passive House plus Organic Wine Tasting from Vinceramos
    • September 12  Annual Show of Organically produced Vegetables, Flowers and Home Produce
    • November / December   AGM
  5. Website Development
    1. Laura was getting to grips with the idiosyncrasies which were corrupting parts of the website.  She is overhauling all pages, but we need to supply,  via Val, details about good Organic Gardening books, and reviews. organic news, and potato recipes.
    2. Peter will supply information about content of the Garden Organic website.  We have to be cognisant of copyright but can link to copyrighted information.
    3. Val also looking for organic news for the monthly e-newsletter, so please find and send in what you can
  6. The Next meeting
    • agenda item of the HSL, Jane R to contact Cath R.
    • will be held at the Ring o’Bells, Shipley on 20th February from 6pm.  The room has been booked.