2019/12/07 (AGM)

Apologies were received from Alison R, Jane R, Martin B and Keith H.

  1. Attendance

    Val H, Peter T, Brian F, Clive R, Frances H,John D, Kay G,  Marion P, Terry M, and Tony W

  2. Review of the past year's activities.
    • Potato Day
      1. Steady sales, plus aftersales at Northcliffe Allotments and Bracken Hall
      2. Our potatoes are First grade, while general shops tend to sell second grade.
      3. What sold and what didn’t sell helped get the following year’s order right.
      4. Are talks at Potato Day worthwhile?
    • The Show
      1. Entries and entries were up on last year, but more Home Produce Entries and fewer Vegetable Entries, which probably reflected the growing season.
      2. The possibility of all stalls being on the balcony was discussed, but better signage would be needed, and there was plenty of room for the stalls we had downstairs.
    • Organic Question Time
      1. Not worth the effort [put in, but all thanked for their effort.
    • Over all.  Little emphasis on Organic Growing, except for the Veg. planners available on our stall at events.
  3. Financial Report
    • Peter gave a financial report, and commented that an enormous effort has gone into the café, only for us to give that money away.   Peter was thanked for his report.
  4. How to Support and Encourage more Organic Growing in 2020

    Ideas included:

    1. Have Any Questions sections on Social Media
    2. Any questions desk at the Show  pre-publicity and banner would be needed.
    3. More signposting from our website and Social media to organic resources.
    4. Garden Organic’s website has lots of free information which we could be pointing out to people, including, jobs to do month by month, plus the Heritage Seed collection offers annually.  Need to post on Twitter, Facebook, and our website regularly.
    5. Possibility of advising new allotment growers.
  5. WYOG Website
    1. Val had found Laura who agrees to maintain it.  We agreed the sum proposed.
    2. Apart from aspects of the website which don’t work as they should (e.g. on the page if you type details of people attending in the section reserved for that, the names are not published, hence an item under apologies.), there needs to be regular content – which we must also put on other social media, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
    3. Tony W offered to do a session for any of us who needed to learn about the different social media and how to use it.
  6. Composts
    1. Val H will circulate us to see who wants to order Dale Fort compost.
    2. Peter T will organise West Riding Organic composts, as usual
  7. Potatoes
    1. The order had gone in earlier.
    2. John suggested that we try a different layout with us not just taking money, but also picking spuds for people, to avoid the initial scrum.  We agreed to try it at our next Potato Day.
    3. We agreed with John’s suggestion re the Bradford Refugee allotments.
    4. John suggested inviting David Shaw of the Savari Trust to give a talk.
    5. Val will contact Airedale Beekeepers.
  8. Stocking the café
    1. Val had been in talks with Plenty who suggested they could supply some of the food, and 1 soup. (Instead of John D having to make 1 soup).  It was agreed we try this out for Potato Day 2030.
  9. Annual Show, 12 September 2020
    1. A coordinator of judges was needed. Names were suggested.  Martin has a list of 2019 judges.
  10. Other activities.
    1. John D had suggested a wine tasting, and will contact Vinceramos
    2. We agreed with Peter’s offer of  a summer trip to his passive house.
  11. Formal AGM business
    1. All officers were re-elected.
    2. It was agreed to defer donations until a later date.
  12. The next meeting
    • to be at the Ring o’Bells on January 16, 2020 at 6pm.  John D agreed to book the room.