Were received from Alison R for this meeting and from Martin B for meetings during the next 18 months.

  1. Minutes of the last meeting and matters arising
    1. The minutes were agreed as a correct record.
    2. Val reported that the hire costs of the Film The Five Seasons would prohibit us from organising a showing of the film.


  2. 30th Annual Show
    1. Initial reactions were that it was exhausting for all volunteers but worthwhile.  There were more judges than in previous years which meant less time was needed for judging.
    2. Entries.  There were more entries than in 2018 and more entrants, but overall the number reflected the average for recent years and the growing season this year.  There were quite a few new entrants, but several forgot to put their entry number on the reverse of each entry card.
    3. Finance:  Peter was still awaiting some invoices so could not report on a final cost of the Show.
    4. Quantities of our posters and schedules.  Fewer A4 posters needed and more A5 single sided; less schedules
    5. The on line schedule and the paper version did not match
    6. Suggested merging Children’s marrow/ courgette with squash and gourd
    7. GO – to get information to them
    8. Need to check list of magazines etc we send information to,  Val to check with Tony
    9. To try and send information out to local news outlets immediately after an event to get more publicity
    10. Terry M reported on the article he’d sent to Kitchen Gardening for their November edition.  He was limited to 1,000 words but was able to send 20 photographs of the Show.
    11. Stalls:  All did well.  The Bread stall, which brought a huge stock of loaves sold out.  PT commented that it was a pity that John Brookes wasn’t able to come.
    12. The café did well but  it was recognised that too much work fell on one person in preparing food for the café.  It was agreed that for Potato Day we serve 2 soups, cakes and tea/ coffee.  JD offered to make a spicy soup, and VH will make the other.  It was suggested we might buy the bread from the Bread Co-op if they were coming. Val to explore other options for potato day and the show
    13. It was suggested we had a cup for the best under-16 item in the show.  We haven’t previously awarded such a cup because of the problem of getting the Cup back during the summer holidays for the following year.  But we do have a Cup which could be used. NEET may be interested in providing a new cup, to see if they get in touch
    14. There were no entries from the Saltaire Gardens for the photos competition.
  3. Organic Gardeners' Question Time
    1. It went reasonably well but with low numbers
    2. We should not try and run 2 events a week apart in future
    3. Some of it has been broadcast on Bradford Community Broadcasting, and can be listened to again from their website broadcast on Tuesday 8th 6-6.30 + Wed 9th 1-1.30.
    4. It was agreed that the Education Room was a better venue  and once we had moved a better atmosphere was created and good interaction between the panel and the audience
    5. Cliffe Castle keen to look at future joint events; Dan will hopefully make the AGM
    6. It was agreed to make a donation of £100 to Cliffe Castle
  4. AGM 7th December 2019
    1. Fixed for 7th December (Saturday) from 12 noon to 3pm at the Caroline Street Social Club,  Saltaire.
    2. For lunch we need donations of food – let Val know of any offers.
    3. The Agenda, following the usual annual reports and election of officers will include Future Events, Donations,  building our capacity – helpers for our website, and Social media. Plus preparations for Potato Day (8th February). Dates of next years meeting will be agreed at the AGM
    4. Va to send mail chimp mail about the AGM
  5. Potato Day
    1. Changes to café to be sorted and agreed
    2. A talk from Airedale Bee Keepers; to consider any other speakers
    3. John and Peter will liaise about a suggested seed potato order and get it in during November.
    4. Peter and Brian to sort stalls
    5. Publicity needed, Val to co-ordinate with Tony
  6. Wine-tasting
    1. John D suggested we could hold one in conjunction with Vinceramos, possibly at the Kirkgate Centre in Shipley.  Agreed to discuss at the AGM.
  7. Other relevant business
    1. Peter reported that Garden Organic (HDRA) had sold Ryton to the University of Coventry.
    2. Peter suggested a future event may be visiting his new Passive house.