There were no apologies. Those attending were: Val H, Martin B, John D, Brian F, Terry M, Marion P, Alison R, Clive Ri, Jane Ro, and Peter T

  1. Minutes of the last meeting and matters arising

    The minutes were agreed as a true record.  Matters arising:

    1. Item 3  BCB will record the Question Time.  It will not be an outside broadcast as such.
    2. Item 3, point 6.  We need to order additional GO material.
    3. Item 4 Plastic packaging of compost.  Martin had sen some compost in the Netherlands in cardboard boxes lined with much thinner plastic.  He will investigate further.
    4. Nick Ahad has agreed to present the prizes
  2. Financial Report

    There were no changes since the last meeting.

  3. 30th Annual Show
    1. Accessibility.  We need signs to show the Accessible route to the main hall.  Tony W will organise. Peter may have some.
    2. Judges’ equipment.  Appears to have gone missing.   Martin will buy some more
    3.  Photos of Saltaire agreed can be put through Tony’s letter box.
    4. Stalls, John Brookes cannot come.  Not hard from Plenty, Peter will follow up.  Most stalls now confirmed.
    5. Judges 11 to date.  Need more volunteers for the kitchen.  Registration is not a problem this year
    6. Trophies, cups etc.  All returned.  Peter will clean
    7. Kitchen Garden article.  Will contain some of history, Jack F to help, and some about our 30th Show.
    8. Access.  John D with kitchen equipment 4pm Friday. Setting up 8.30am Saturday
  4. Organic Garden Question Time, Cliffe Castle 21 September
    1. Panel Confirmed
    2. Publicity had been distributed
    3. We can borrow a portable Loop system from Cliff Castle, but no-one sure of how to install it.
    4. Tony will produce some leaflets advertising Potato Day 2020 (February 8th)  Peter to confirm hall use with Shipley College.
    5. There is plenty of space at Cliffe Castle for the stalls we need.  Bring WYOG new mugs.
    6. Need to arrange Jugs, water and glasses.
    7. Books and book signings after the event.  Check with Graham P that he’s bringing his book.  Also Terry Marshall with his.  Possibly also Jack F’s book.
    8. Signing needed from the Car Park.
    9. Helpers – John, Terry, Brian and Clive
    10. Parking spaces for Panel need to be reserved.
    11. Certificates for Alan Romans and Jack F.  Tony will sort.
  5. Potential screening of 5 seasons film.
    • We need more information so that we can make a decision.  Kirkgate Centre at Shipley a possible venue.
  6. Younger members
    1. Alison noted that we are all getting older and that we’d like to see more younger members getting interested in attending our meetings, which are open to all organic gardeners as well as those interested in organic gardening.  Most, but not all of our current meeting attendees are of retirement age,. We decided to put this on the Agenda of the AGM.  Update the AGM will be at the Caroline Street Social Club, Saltaire on Saturday December 7th from 12noon to 3pm.
  7. Future Events
    • John suggested an organic wine tasting, possibly at the Kirkgate Centre.  To be investigated.
  8. Date of the next meeeting

    Thursday 17th October at the Ring o’ Bells, Shipley  (room booked) at 6pm.