Peter, Alison, Kate, Clive

  1. minutes and matters aising

    1. minutes approved

    2. Marion to check with Cath if direction signs and banners are in the box

    3. Nick Ahmad will be prize giver, needs confirmation, John  to do

    4. Web site, Tony has some one who has recently joined who he will approach, and he will send out email as agreed previously

  2. show

    1. publicity, due to a glitch the wrong date has been put on the publicity material, Tony will get redone and let us know when its ready. John will take and deliver for those along the Aire Valley, Val will sort the Bradford people

    2. GO August e news – Tony to do, along with all the other ones on his list

    3. BCB – Martin

    4. Radio Leeds – Peter

    5. Editor of Kitchen Garden will do a preview for the Show, photos  and material have been submitted by Terry as it will be out for the August edition in July.

    6. agreed to buy 100 mugs, 2nd design with the  words 30 in it

    7. Saltaire Festival links; Jane G is unable to do the judging so Michelle  Dickinson of Natural England and former WYOG  judge will do this; need a letter box to pop through any photos that are submitted on the Friday night, Tony?

    8. Signage; Marion to check what is in box, Brian and John to do on day

    9.Venue – booked

    10. stalls – Pextenement; Riverford, PSC, Brian the Bees Man – Peter to confirm in August, Leeds Brad co-op, Terry Marshall,  WYOG. Brian to check out Leeds Vegan Society and follow up Plenty; John to ask John Brookes; Brian to ask Those Plant People and Marion the College. Brian to see if anything organic at Ilkley farmers market

    11. cafe – need volunteers and agreed to buy more compostable cups

    12.Prizes – Jane to  talk to Terry re the new cup and what it is for, Jane  will chase people to return trophies etc

    13. Registration – Jane needs help with this on the day. On line Registration to be opened asap Tony

    14. Stewards, check is Alison can help, Val to ask IA, Marion to try and source some new stewards

    15. Judges, Martin will sort but may not be there on the day – to ask if Kate would stand in again, failing that John might have to take over

    16. Kitchen Garden article, Marion is collecting some of the early history, Terry will talk to Jack, and together they will produce the article for the Oct 14th deadline

  3. Organic Gardeners Question time

    1. Publicity; Marion to confirm Cath is fourth panel member, so the line up is  Graham, Terry, Pippa and Cath. Tony to do poster now. Martin to Chair with John as back up. Heather from Cliffe Castle will do welcome. Need to make sure Keighley contacts get details. John to do organic shop in Haworth.

    2. tickets/ list of attendees – Peter sorting out

    3. important we get lots of good questions, to ask people to submit on the website asap and for Tony to send any questions received to Martin and John the night before, and between 12.30 and 1pm on the day

    4. WYOG people attending and wanting seats! Brian, Jane, John, Martin, Val

    4. need to check if there is a PA and loop system. Val to contact Dan

    5. BCB doing live recording, question about if we can get a video recording, Marion to ask Cath if any students interested; possible to live stream on Facebook from a phone

    6. stalls – WYOG and book sales beforehand, signing afterwards; Those Plant People ; to ask if Cliffe Castle Support group want a stall – Val to ask Dan

  4. Plastic packging of compost

    Discussion about the heavy duty plastic used  by DalesfooT and WR organics; Terry said Dalesfoor were exploring options; Peter to ask WR organics what they are thinking of doing; Brian to find out how Leeds Beckett Uni are thinking of adapting to met their commitment to become plastic free. Suggestions about people taking their own bags. Ask Plate to Plate what they are doing – any takers for this?

  5. Next meeting

    Wed August 21st Ring O Bells, 6pm