Were received from Brian and Tony W (the latter retrospectively)..

  1. Minutes of the last meeting (20th February, 2019) and matters arising.
    • The minutes were agreed as a correct record.
    • Clive will take the Soil Association minutes to Wakefield History Centre before our next meeting.
    • 2 members reported that they found Dalefoot Seed compost too compact.  Terry asked that comments be passed to him, so he can pass them on to Dalefoot.
    • Marion will contact Cath re directional signs for the Show which are in “the box”.
    • John D agreed to contact Nick Ahad as the potential prize giver.
    • Val will check with Tony W on progress of various items.
    • All other matters arising were on the Agenda
  2. Planning for the 30th Annual Show
    • Garden Organic and the Soil Association: Peter will follow up his previous contact with GO. Martin will write a short Article for GO website.
    • Date.  Peter had emailed Shipley College re confirmation of the date but had not received a reply.  He will chase up.
    • Stalls.  Brian and Peter will get together to contact potential stall holders.
    • Publicity.
      • Our own website, plus Twitter and Facebook.  Clive will do the latter two.
      • Article for the Kitchen Garden.  Terry M. circulated a draft.  Marion will help.  The draft will be circulated to all committee members.
      • We agreed that DL / A5 fliers were better than A4, but needed some A4.
      • Val H will email Tony W about detail of the posters.
    • Signage for the exterior in the morning.  We need to ensure we have signs for the Accessible route
    • We discussed repeating the Backyard competition.  Val will talk to Roz. Marion will ask Jane G if she thought we should do the garden judging again.
    • Jane R said we need more certificates and prize cards printed.  To contact Tony W
    • Peter has  2 spare cups and will send Jane the details
    • Tony to be asked for mug designs, Val will send round for a decision
    • Certificate for Alan Roman – Val to sort with Tony
  3. Organic Gardeners' Question Time 21 September
    • Panel.  Now confirmed as Martin chairing (John reserve), panel, (in no particular order), Terry M, Pippa (or Andrew), Olive, Graham Porter, Cath (as back-up). Nee balance of panel between men and women
    • Venue.  Now (12 May, 2019) confirmed as the Bracewell Smith Hall at Cliffe Castle on 21 September 2019, at 12.30pm for a 1.30pm start until 3pm. Donations will be collected for Cliffe Castle
    • Format:  Agreed to have questions in advance, plus some back-up questions. Heather from Cliffe Castle will do intro to venue and then members of panel introduce themselves.
    • Publicity: our website, 30th Annual Show fliers to include outline details.  Ask Dan how to circulate through Cliffe Castle .  Tell Keighley Town Council and their allotments person.  Terry will tell Bingley Town Council, inform Kate – Friends of Devonshire Park.  Val will inform Bradford Allotments.  Tony to be asked for Bradford Council and/or Cliffe Castle logo for printed publicity.
    • Peter will enquire of Graham as to whether it can be broadcast by Bradford Community Broadcasting (now done).  We will advertise that refreshments can be available at Cliffe Castle café before the event starts.  Check on potential book signings, (now agreed).  Have a WYOG table.  Remember to have water for the panel.  Check with panel members for fees / expenses.
  4. Other events
    • To consider at a future meeting.
  5. WYOG website
    • Needs some-one or more to support Tony in its development and updating.  Tony to circulate membership for offers of help, otherwise we need to look at paying someone.
  6. Finances and donation
    • Peter gave an updated financial report.
    • It was agreed to donate £100 to the Bee Defender Alliance campaign against neonics.
  7. Peel Park Nursery future uses
    • Martin brought our attention to the potential of huge state of the art glasshouses at Peel Park Nursery, no longer used by Bradford Council.   Potential uses include Greenhouse allotments, or a Bradford based company to take them over for food production, such as lettuces. John D will discuss any publicity that has been produced by Bob Thorp of Bradford Council which we could send to Soil Association or tell Look North.
  8. Copper Mesh
    • Martin showed us Copper mesh which can be used to deter slugs, rats, and birds from your plants. To deter slugs, copper mesh should be anchored in the ground with pegs to create a tiny fence.  It is said to work much better than copper bands.
  9. Date of the next meeting
    • 4 July, 2019 at the Ring o’ Bells, from 6pm.  room booked.