Apologies were received from Tony W, Terry M, and Jane R. Those attending were Val H,, Alison, Brian, Clive, John, Marion, Martin, and Peter.

  1. Minutes of the last meeting.

    With the spelling of Cath (not Kath) corrected the minutes were agreed as a correct record.

  2. Matters Arising from the Minutes
    • Clive will deposit the old Soil Association Minutes with the Wakefield History Centre before the next meeting.
  3. Financial Report
    • Peter gave an interim report on Potato Day.  There were still invoices to be received, but it appeared to be a successful day.  It was agreed that we make donations of £100 each to the Bradford Organic Composting Service at Wibsey Park and to BEES.
  4. Reflections on Potato Day 2019
    • Overview:
      1. A successful day.  Over 90% sold.  The follow-up sales at Northcliffe Allotments and Bracken Hall Countryside Centre had also been successful.
      2. There was evidence that some people were stealing some potatoes.  We discussed, and need to consider further whether we have a different system  for selling our spuds on Potato Day.
    • Varieties and the Order for 2020.
      1. Four varieties we’d ordered had not been supplied:  Lady Christl, Sarpo Gwyn, Shetland Black and Winston.
      2. Replacement varieties which had been sent were:  Red Emmalie, Violetta, and Golden Wonder.   Considering that we could not advertise the replacements before the day Red Emmalie sold very well, with the other two not so well.
      3. All 1st Earlies sold out quickly, indicating we need more in 2020.
      4. Varieties requested were those expected but not supplied, plus Duke of York and more 1st. Earlies.
      5. There were 2 bags of Sarpo Blue Danube.  In future we only need one bag.
      6. John Dallas will sort out which potatoes John  Brooks will take.
      7. It was agreed that Peter and John will draw up a proposed order for our October meeting.
    • Café and equipment.   The College had notified Val that the college’s caterer would be getting rid of all crockery.  We especially need milk jugs, and teapots, for our next event, the Annual Show.
    • Stalls, compost, etc.
      1. Pextenement Cheese and West Riding Organics were very happy.
      2. It was agreed that Peter and Brian will ask potential stall-holders for our September 14th Show earlier.
      3. The wool varieis of Dalefort composts  sold better than the claybuster.  Agreed to order 20 bags the next time.
    • Publicity,etc.
      1. Marion will check with Cath what directional signs are in “the box”.
      2. We should use every opportunity to advertise the 2020 Potato Day which will be held as usual on the 2nd Saturday of February, February 8th.  For next year we need to publicise better, sales at Northcliffe allotments and Brackenhall.
      3. need to make sure time and address are on all the publicity
      4. To ask Veg on the Edge to publicise potato day and we would do an appeal for more seeds to swap
      5. It was noted that there was no poster in Bingley Library, although Clive confirmed that posters were sent on the Bradford Libraries van service to all libraries.  Another poster was put up, thanks to Martin.
      6. Clive apologised that 9 “snail mail” people had not been notified of Potato Day due to a PC hard-drive failure.  This has now been rectified.
      7. Peter will pass over the list of people who signed up on the day and Val will  find out how to upload them to our data base
      8. John Dallas may be able to get hold of a video about the start of the day and will pass to Tony to upload to the web
    • It was agreed to make Alan Romans an Honorary Member of WYOG.  Tony to be asked to produce an appropriate framed certificate.
  5. 30th year anniversary events
    • The Show, September 14th
      1. Need to think about whether or not to have speakers on at the time when judging is taking place.
      2. It was agreed that Martin shall ask Nick Ahad of Radio Leeds to present the prizes.
      3. possible stalls Plate2Plate, Pextenement, Leeds Bread coop, Riverford. Peter and Brian to start to ask around
    • Cliffe Castle event,  21st. September.
      1. Need to confirm that Cliffe Castle will be available in view of changes taking place with Bradford Council Museums and Art Galleries.  Marion to contact Dan and also to check the time of the event, suggested 2pm to 4pm..
      2. Need to finalise the Panel members.  To date Graham Porter, Pippa or Andrew, and Terry Marshall.   Martin to ask Olive Green, and Cath R in reserve. Martin to Chair (John in reserve).
      3. We need to finalise the main aspects so we can advertise the event. Need to decide how the session will run.
  6. Other business
    • Mugs:  100 mugs ill cost £2.50 each.  Tony had agreed to design  It was noted that Commemorative mugs have a shelf life
  7. Date of the next meeting
    • Will be on April 18th at 6pm at the Ring o’ Bells, Shipley from 6pm.  Room booked.