Those attending were Val H, Martin B, Brian F, Rebecca M, Terry M, Marion P, Clive R, Jane R, Peter T. and Tony W

  1. Minutes and Matters arising
    • The minutes were agreed as a correct record.
    • Matters arising:
      • Soil Association records.  Clive will take the Soil Association Records to the Wakefield History Centre before the next meeting.
      • Potato Order.  Clive will contact John D about the final potato order and copy to Tony W for the website. Update: Before he was contacted John D circulated each committee member with the final potato order on 13 January.
      • Cliffe Castle event, 16 September, 2019.  We need back-ups for the Panel.  Kath Russell suggested.
      • The form of the event.  Suggested it could be a talk from Graham Porter followed by Q and A from a Panel.  Peter T will discuss with GP.
      • Heritage Seed Library.  Marion will contact KR about the situation.
  2. Potato Day, Saturday February 9th, 10am to 2pm.
    • Publicity. Tony brought A4  and DL posters.  He has circulated details to the usual media.  Clive has mentioned on Facebook and Twitter.   Clive will send posters to all 30 Bradford libraries, via Library transport. (Update: now done)   Brian will contact Radio Leeds, and Peter will ‘phone the Sunday gardening programme.  Val will contact allotments.  Terry will contact Eldwick, Glusburn and Giggleswick Gardening groups.  The Thornton and Queensbury Community magazines have a piece about Potato Day in their January 2019 issues.
    • Stalls:  Pextenement Cheese, Seed Swap, WYOG,  the Abu Bakr (Palestinian) Scholarship Fund, and WYOG.  Brian had contacted Riverford and Plenty and will chase, and will contact Plate2Plate.  Clive will contact the Seed Co-op.  See also Compost subheading below.
    • Speakers:  Alan Romans on Potatoes at 11am, and Graham Porter on Composts and composting at 12 noon.  Tony agreed to do some signs for the talks.  Peter will contact Lucy about rooms.
    • Book signing arrangements: On WYOG’s table which will be against one wall, with room for book signings by Graham Porter and Terry Marshall.
    • Volunteers:  Tony will make an appeal for volunteers and for cakes for the café.  Martin will cook poffertjes in the café.
    • Venue: Peter will contact Lucy to ensure that the caretaker will be working, and that the caretaker will be able to operate the lift.  Disabled access signing is necessary and Tony will provide this for the day
    • Setting up:  Peter will ensure with Lucy that we have access on Friday at 4.30pm  and on Saturday from 8.30am for setting up,.  Clive will bring box labels and sellotape.
    • Composts: Dalefoot had decided not to come, but had now special prices for gardening groups for their composts.  Peter will speak to Carl at West Riding Organics about their composts and invite them to come.  He will also circulate committee members asking for orders.  In the meantime Val will circulate the committee to ask for orders for Dalefoot compotsts, and will order the appropriate quantity, which may mean, to make up a pallet, that there are bags spare.  These would be available to buy at the WYOG stand.  Martin offered for the Dalefoot compost to be delivered to his house, from where it could be collected / delivered.   by/to those who’d ordered it.  Update  Both Peter and Val have taken appropriate actions and circulated emails.   Plate to Plate may also be at Potato Day, (see Publicity above).
    • Floats: Peter will bring.


  3. 30th Anniversary event
    • Following our donation to Garden Organic, they agreed to do a short piece on both the Cliffe Castle event and the 30th Show. Tony volunteered to write that.  A freelance journalist had contacted Peter to discuss ideas on gardening topics for gardening magazines, which could include our 30th anniversary and judging shows by taste. Peter to pass details to Tony to follow up


  4. Mugs
    • Tony is willing to design and will get quotations.


  5. Our website
    • A WordPress free site.  WordPress had recently introduced new design and layout software.  The website needs an overall but Tony doesn’t have the time to work on it.  He will see if he can make any progress in the next 2 months.  Other members will do what they can but it really needs an interested person to oversee it.  He had in the past circulated emails to all on the WYOG circulation list for helpers but no-one had volunteered. He will circulate an email again.


  6. Promoting local sustainable projects and shops
    • We agreed we should try to signpost these via the website.  First we need to compile a list of projects and shops. All to send ideas to Val


  7. The next meeting
    • On 20 February, 2019, at 6pm at the Ring o’ Bells, Shipley (room has been booked)