2018/12/01 Ordinary meeting

Apologies were received from Alison R, Kate T. and Tony W. Those attending were: Val H (Ch.), Brian F, Clive R, Jane R, John D, Marion P, B, Peter T, Sue T, and Terry M.

  1. Minutes of the meeting held on 4th October, 2018.

    The Minutes were approved as a correct record.  All matters outstanding were items on the current agenda.

  2. 2017 Show feedback
    • Outstanding issues from the Show were the Caretaker, Publicity, and outside access routes, and the Schedules.  Jane reported some changes needed to the Schedules:
      • That who donated the cups and trophies should be omitted from the printed (and online) schedules.
      • That a new cup / trophy was needed for Herbs, Flowers and Seeds, as they have not been considered for Best in Show due to not having a Cup for them.
      • “Home Grown” should be excluded from before “Produce”, as this was obvious.
      • Spinach should be included in the Chard, leaf beet Class.
      • Blueberries should be with other berries
      • and the Class Numbering should be consistent.
    • It was agreed that Jane pass these changes on to Tony W.
    • the link with Saltaire back gardens competition was one we could develop in future
  3. Potato Day 9 February, 2019
    • The list of potatoes to order was agreed.
    • The layout was agreed.
    • The room had been booked
    • Stalls: Peter, Terry and Brian would liaise on stalls, which will include Pextemenent Cheese, and a Seed Swap, amongst others.
    • Peter to contact Graham Porter re attendance and either a Q&A session or just book signing. Terry also has books to sign and we could ask Jack if he wants us to sell any of his books.
    • Alan Romans will be coming and willing to give a talk.  Martin could also talk on Pruning – to check.
    • Val said that the café will be sorted. John will help with lifting boxes.
    • Usual call for volunteers needed.
    • Publicity also needs sorting. Tony to be asked to get the posters sorted, Val to talk to Tony about what is happening.
    • John agreed to take delivery of the potatoes on Thursday February 7th, and hall access for setting up on Friday from around 4pm needs to be confirmed.
    • Clive will do box labels for each variety
    • Discussion took place about which compost(s) to have for sale, e.g. West Riding Organics, Plate2Plate, and or Dalefoot Composts.  Peter will sort this out.
    • Unsold spuds.  Jane will get the unsold ones to Northcliffe Allotments who have them  spuds for sale on 16th Feb and will get those still unsold to Brackenhall.
  4. The 30th Show of Organic Vegetables, Fruit and Produce and Graham Porter "Cliffe Castle event".
    • The Show will be on the 2nd Saturday of September, i.e.  14th, and the Cliffe Castle event on 21st.
    • Jack First will come.
    • We need to really publicise the 30th show.
    • We need to get across to Garden Organic and the Soil Association that in giving them donations we expect publicity of our Show and events in return.
    • We could approach Graham Porter to sell his new book on the Show Day, as well as Jack First’s and Terry M’s.  Peter agreed to sort.
    • Suggestion of a 30th anniversary mug to sell.  John to check prices; ask Tony if he can design if it goes ahead.
    • As agreed at our October meeting Terry M had contacted the editor of Kitchen Garden magazine.  Terry M produced a discussion paper.  The magazine works a year in advance and was offering some pre-2019 Show publicity, and space in the December 2019 edition for a 2 page, or longer, article with photographs.  It was agreed to bring proposals and to discuss further at our March meeting.  Val and Marion to liaise with Terry.  Clive will bring additional copies of the Discussion Paper to the January meeting.
    • Terry also mentioned that he had a contact at the Glusburn Gardens Associaton and would contact them about the 30th Show.
    • Appropriate room at Cliffe Castle has been booked – Marion to liaise with Dan Palmer.  Other Panel members suggested including Pippa / Andrew, and Terry M, and Martin to Chair.  Afternoon event.
  5. Other activities
    1. There was no enthusiasm for a New Year meal.
    2. Surplus plants.  It was suggested and agreed that surplus plants could go to Northcliffe Allotments for the 6th June, and Val will take any surplus to Brackenhall.
    3. Visits?  We decided on making our 30th Show and the Cliffe Castle event well known and successful, and to defer any further visits until later.
  6. Other Business
    1. Heritage Seed Library.  Cath will have the catalogue, Peter to talk to her
    2. Soil Association Minutes.  Clive to deposit at West Yorkshire History Centre early in January, 2019
  7. The next Meeting

    Thursday 10th January at 6pm at the Ring o’ Bells, Shipley. John agreed to book.