2018/12/01 (AGM)

Apologies were received from Alison R, Kate T. and Tony W. Those attending were: Peter T (Ch.), Brian F, Clive R, Jane R, John D, Marion P, Martin, B, Terry M and Val H.

  1. Minutes of the last AGM held 2 December 2017

    The minutes were agreed as a true record.  It was noted that the creation of a database of Allotment Societies throughout West Yorkshire was still ongoing.

  2. Chair's Annual Report

    Our Chair, Peter T, said:

    “A product of climate change seems to be that no two years are the same.  This year was one of the hottest and driest on record.  Despite that, the show went well with entries holding steady at about the recent average.  The concern about the low number of entrants continues, however.  As some of our longer term supporters have moved away or cut back their growing, we need to find ways to bring in a younger generation.  A new link-up this year was to the Saltaire Village Garden event.  We invited their gardeners to enter photos of their gardens.  Few took up the offer but there is room to grow the partnership in years to come.

    Watering was a major problem this year and increasingly the resilience of our gardening is becoming our focus.

    Potato Day was again successful.  We were busy from the start and sold most of our spuds.  This was partly due to the reduced number of varieties on offer.  We and like-minded groups have been influential in broadening the number of varieties available to gardeners, as the hardware stores, garden centres and even supermarkets have jumped on our band wagon.  Inevitably, that means that demand on Potato Day has reduced over the years.  It’s worth mentioning the increasing interest in Veg on the Edge’s Seed Swap which takes place at the event.

    This will be my last report as Chair as, having been in the post for six years, I’m handing over to the very capable hands of Val Harris and returning to my earlier role of Treasurer, subject to the agreement of this meeting.  I give Val my best wishes for the future as we look forward to our 30th Annual Show in September.

    Peter said he had been proud to be Chair of WYOG but that this year, with the Group’s agreement, he would change jobs with Val.

    • Peter was thanked for his report and for his service to WOG and organic gardening during his 7 years as our Chair.
  3. Treasurer's Report

    Val gave a very thorough report showing how 2018’s income and expenditure compared with previous years.  The healthy accounts would allow us to make donations to further the work of organic growing.  The account for the hire of the room for the Annual Show  was still awaited.  She also commented on the absence of the Caretaker and the need to sign  the accessible route to the hall.

    • Val was thanked for her report and her service as Treasurer of WYOG.
  4. IT and Publicity Report

    The item was deferred to a future meeting because of Tony’s absence from the AGM.

  5. Election of Officers
    • Val H was elected as Chair, proposed by Peter and seconded by Jane.
    • Peter T was elected as Treasurer, proposed by Val, seconded by John
    • Clive R agreed to continue as Minutes Secretary, proposed by Peter, seconded by John
    • Tony W was elected as IT and Publicity Officer, proposed by  Jane, seconded by Clive
    • Everyone was in favour of the election of the said persons to their office.
    • Peter T remained in the Chair for the rest of the AGM.  Val H chaired the Ordinary meeting which followed the AGM.
  6. Donations

    It was agreed to make the following donations:

    1. £100 of shares to the Seed Co-op.
    2. £200 to the Soil Association
    3. £200 to Garden Organic

    Jane mentioned the Wibsey Park Project, and will make further enquiries..

  7. The AGM closed at 12.40pm