Clive R. Those attending were: Peter T, Brian F, Jane R, Kate T, Marion P, Martin B, Terry M, Tony W, John D, Alison R and Val H.

  1. Show feedback

    Overall seen as a good show; it felt less squashed and better laid out. The entrants were 450 (compared to 505 2017, 394 2016), exhibitors 50 (52,53), children’s entrants 23 (23, 56)

    • Issues for Lucy – the lack of the caretaker most of the day, so no one to operate lifts, and no signage at the front for disabled people to use ramped and side entrance. The cost of the venue includes a lot of money for caretaking hours so will need to query. Peter to follow up. For next time Tony will make a sign about the side entrance
    • publicity – single sided A5 preferred
    • registration from Open Garden event: need a better system for next year as no one paid. Good registration team; on line registration had glitches so Jane was unable to download the entire list;  Tony to sort.
    • schedule – suggested changes to put spinach in with chard, and add blueberry to other berries; Jane to make changes and pass to Tony.
    • trophies: under 16s have no trophy and a book token isn’t always much use; the collection trophy was not awarded and needs adding to the trophy list; no trophy for seeds/flowers/herbs so we need one or possibly a vase?  Should we add jam jar of weeds to the list? Jane and Marion to sort.
    • photos – 4 entries, to try and promote again next year; Peter has the spare mounting cards
    • judges – all judges need to taste, to try again next year and allocate steward to appropriate judge to ensure tasting; we may need more stewards
    • finance, venue bill not been sent yet, expected deficit of about £600
    • for future shows/ events,  Val needs help moving stuff Friday evening and Saturday morning; John will do lifting for potato day.
  2. AGM

    Now the 1st Dec at Caroline Street Social Club 12- 3. Tony to publicise to members.  We can give donations of up to £500 so bring your ideas with you.

  3. Potato Day

    John passed the lists from Hilliard and Porter and WCF to Peter, SKEA is on the web. Peter to start order discussion;  issue of Forty Fold has arisen again. Peter to check Growing Newsome order. Cheese people want to come again. Leeds Vegan stall will not happen as Phillipa moving away but she has suggested alternatives.  Brian has thanked her for her years of loyalty to WYOG events.

    Peter to book venue.

  4. 2019 activities
    • Cliffe Castle event going ahead with Graham Porter.
    • Jack had suggested inviting the Soil Association  to the show as the group was originally a SA group.  Peter to pursue.
    • Kitchen Garden magazine – Terry to contact editor and check out if interested in an article and timescales, Marion will help with this.
  5. AOB
    • Apple Day at Bowling, and one at Bracken hall – Tony to advertise on web site.
    • Ryton Gardens update, general agreement if it was a deal with the university.
    • Peter has sorted annual GO membership
    • HSL order – need to ask Cath if she still wants to do this.
    • Soil Association records – Clive
  6. Next meeting - AGM

    Saturday December 1st, 12.00 – 3.00 pm, Caroline Street Social Club.