Those attending were: Peter T, Brian F, Clive R, Jane R, Kate T, Marion P, Martin B, Terry M, Tony W and Val H. Apologies were received from Alison R and Tony T.

  1. Minutes of the last meeting and matters arising.

    The minutes were approved as a correct record.  All matters arising were on the agenda for this meeting.

  2. The Show, 8th September, 2018
    • Programme – sorted
    • Rooms, layout and stalls.  Discussions about requirements to post photos of gardens in Saltaire agreed by Val and Jane.  There is no need for another room as the number of stalls can be accommodated in the main room.  12 tables will be needed.  Peter to talk to Lucy.  The stalls include:
      • Abu Bakr Scholarship Fund
      • Brian the Bee
      • Leeds V & V
      • Pextenement Cheese
      • Riverford
      • Terry M
      • WYOG, Shipley College, and Jack First.
    • Advance publicity.  Press releases had been sent out.  It’s been on Radio Leeds, and on Facebook.  Bradford Allotments Association had been notified, and Bradford Parks.  Tony W had additional leaflets which members took to circulate.  Update:  Peter has been on BCB talking about the Show.
    • Registration.    Pre-registration for the Show started on 13 August.  Jane had a technical problem with printing out those registered and asked Tony W to investigate.  Otherwise registration is fine.
    • There are no problems with the schedule which is available on our website.
    • Trophies are sorted.  Marion will buy £10 book token for Best in Show by under 16s.
    • Links to Saltaire Festival.  The Show had been mentioned in a Festival leaflet delivered to every household in Saltaire, also promoting photographs of gardens.  There is good liaison with the Festival, thanks to Val.
    • Volunteers  Appeals had been sent out
    • Café  There is a shortage of tomatoes this year.  Anyone with any spare to notify Val.  Cakes are needed for the café.
    • Judges  Kate believes there will be sufficient.  Marion, as Chief Steward, will talk to the judges at 10.30am  prior to judging.
    • Stewards.  Unfortunately Tony T is unwell and will not be able to be a Steward. Marion believed she will find a replacement.
    • Equipment needs  Val had bought some more plates and cups.  Cath has the equipment for the day.  Jane had printed out the class descriptions to put on the tables and gave a set to Marion.
    • Signing and Publicity on the Day  We believed that John would be unable to be present to help Brian, so Peter will help.      We will be able to set up the Show at 8.30am, to be ready for exhibitors to bring their entries from 10am.
    • Best in Show Trophy  It was agreed that Terry M and Kate would have the final say in determining the Best in Show winner.
  3. The 30th Annual Show and Cliffe Castle
    • Dan of Cliffe Castle had confirmed that the GQT with Graham Porter and others will be on September 21st, the Saturday following the 2019 Show
  4. This year's Annual General Meeting
    • The date agreed as Saturday 17th November (12 noon to 3pm)
    • Venue:  The Caroline Club.  Val agreed to book
    • Peter had mentioned previously that he wished to stand down as Chair, but happy to take on rôle as Treasurer as Val is willing to stand as Chair
    • A reminder.  It had been agreed last year that we will consider donations at the AGM every year.
  5. Potato Day 9th February 2019
    • Peter will consider the relationship between the Growing Newsome Order and our total sales / spuds unsold.
  6. Other Business
    • Clive to take former Soil Association minutes to Wakefield History Centre
  7. Date of the next meeting
    • Thursday 4th October at 6pm at the Ring o’ Bells, Shipley.  (confirmed).