Those attending were Peter T, Martin B, Val H, Terry M, Marion P, Clive R, Jane R, and Kate T. Apologies were received from Alison, Brian, and Tony W.

  1. Minutes and matters arising

    The minutes were accepted as a true record.  All matters arising were on this meeting’s agenda.

  2. The 29th Annual Show (on September 8th, 2018)
    • Overall format and programme will follow that of previous years, but there will not be any speakers. (Update:  Tony W has circulated updated timetable by email)
    • Stalls  Peter reported that of those which he and Brian had contacted, the following were coming:  Pextenement Cheese, Riverford Organics, Leeds V&V and Terry M.  He had had initial discussions with Brian the Bee.  It was agreed if he couldn’t come, a beekeeper from Airedale Beekeepers may be able to. Peter to sort, Martin B has a contact. Feedback is needed from Brian, John D and Jane regarding other potential stallholders, ie Fairmondo, NEET and a bread stall.  (Update: John Brook has asked us to reserve a space for him although his veg is not growing well.)
    • Advance Publicity:  Tony W had reported that the A5 flyer and schedules were imminent.  It was noted that the website had no reference to the date, but Clive had given the date on our Facebook page.  (Update, Tony W had now put a link to the revised schedule and timetable on the Home page of the website, and has emailed downloadable posters.  Clive has now put the date on the Show page of the website).
    • Saltaire Festival event form has been filled in, and the Show is on their advance publicity.
    • Registration  has been sorted.  Jane R had asked Tony W to open the Online registration  earlier this year.
    • Schedule  (Update)  This is now downloadable from the main page of our website.  It includes the timetable for the day.
    • Trophies  Marion was thanked for obtaining a new “Best in Show” Trophy.  The new one contains 25 shields.  It was agreed that we have a £10 Book Token prize for the Best exhibit in the Children’s section.  Marion will sort this out.
    • Links to Saltaire Festival Open Gardens Event.  Val H had met with Ros of the Festival committee, and the following proposals were made:
      • 1.  Judging of the Open Gardens Competition will be on the Friday afternoon.  We were asked if we could supply a judge.  The Festival have their own judging criteria to follow.  (Update:  Jane Gibbon has agreed to judge.)
      • 2.  Rank Booth, architects based in Saltaire, had given a cup for the best garden.  Could WYOG offer to have it presented at the Show?  Agreed we will.
      • 3.  The Festival have an A4 folded, 4-sided leaflet with details about the Open Gardens and other events that weekend.  Could WYOG help with laying the leaflet out, which would need to be done by the middle of August?  Val agreed to ask Tony W if he has the time or can help.
      • 4.  Encourage gardeners to enter our Show.  Val agreed to do a letter which the Festival will email.  Open gardeners to be encouraged to take photos of their gardens to enter into our Show.
      • 5.  The Festival Committee do a Flyer to all the houses in Saltaire with road closures and other practical details.  we could have a couple of lines in that leaflet.  Val will sort.
    • Volunteers  (Update)  Tony W has now sent out an email asking for volunteers.
    • Café  Agreed we buy more small plates, and cups and saucers.  (Update:  Tony W has now sent out an email requesting cakes for the café)
    • Judges As Martin was unable to be present he had asked Kate T to be the Chief Judge.  We needed 3 or 4 more judges who should have some experience of organic food.  Kate and Martin believed they will be found.  Peter could be a judge this year as he is not entering any classes.
    • Stewards Marion considered we will have the appropriate number of stewards.
    • General equipment needs  None extra required, but situation may change.
    • Signing and publicity on the day.  Believed that Brian will see to this.
    • Floats       Peter will sort.
    • Access for setting up on Friday      Peter will check
  3. The 30th Organic Show, 14th September 2019
    • Gardeners Question Time  Dan at Cliffe Castle had suggested this be held at the time of the Show.  It could be on the Saturday before or the one after.  (7th or 21st).  Peter T to ask Graham Porter if he is available on either of these dates. Other panel members were suggested.  (Update:  Sept 21st 2019 agreed with Graham Porter; Marion to check this suits Cliffe Castle.)
  4. Other events
    • Growing with Grace visit  Val had struggled to get a response so agreed to drop the event.
  5. Other relevant business
    • The Seed Cooperative  Clive gave Val H our Share certificate, following our donation and membership application.
    • Soil Association Records  West Yorkshire Archives will accept the deposit of these records.  Clive to arrange.
  6. The Date of the next meeting
    • Wednesday August 29th at 6pm at the Ring o’ Bells, Shipley.  Room has been booked.