Those attending were: Brian F, Clive R, Peter T, Marion P, Martin B, Tony W and Val H. Apologies were received from Alison, Jane R, John D, Terry M, and Tony T.

  1. Minutes of the last Ordinary meeting, held 2nd December 2017

    These were agreed as a correct record.  All matters arising were on the Agenda for the current meeting.

  2. Potato Day (February 10th)
    • The Potato order had been sent, and the availability of varieties was acknowledged.  Thanks go especially to John D, in sorting the order out.  The number of Organic varieties this year will be 13, and there will  25 non-organic varieties.  We could increase the number of organic varieties in future years but only by having more suppliers, thereby increasing carriage costs significantly.
    • John D has ageed to receive the delivery.
    • The Setting Up will take place on Friday 9th, starting at 4pm, and again at 8.30am on Saturday 10th.  Clive R will bring printed labels for the boxes, and selotape.
    • The Hall booking had been made by Peter T. to Lucy.  He would forward final details in the next two weeks.
    • There will be 2 free talks, at 10.30am by Riverford, and at 11.30am by Plate2Plate composts.  They will be held in the room used for Registration at the Show.  Tony W to do appropriate publicity / direction signs.
    • Peter had discussed with Alison from Veg on the Edge and they wish the Seed Swap to have:  Vegetable, Salad, Herb and Flower seeds;  self-saved seeds in envelopes or bags with labels; bought seed packets, unopened or part used, within use-by date; and / or organic or non-organic seeds.
    • Clive R had asked the Seed Co-op if they could supply more seed catalogues.  The Seed Co-op may be able to supply us with seeds to sell.
    • All stalls, apart from Fairmondo, had confirmed.  All stalls will be on the ground floor as in previous years.  The layout was confirmed as last year.
    • Café.  Tony W confirmed the email appeal for volunteer workers and cakes would go out on 22nd January.  Val will run the café.
    • Publicity  The lamppost signs had been quoted at £40 each so it was decided not to go ahead with these.  Tony W distributed DL leaflets and A4 posters.  Riverford had volunteered to distribute DL leaflets.  Clive R will put more on Facebook and circulate some Allotment Societies. All took publicity material for distribution.  Peter T will contact Graham Porter for Radio Leeds Gardening programme to talk about Potato Day on the week prior.  Tony W is also doing some publicity to advertise our Show date (September 8th). Update: Article in the Bradford Telegraph and Argus of 18th January on Potato Day
    • Unsold seed potatoes.  If we have any unsold seed potatoes (some years we do; some years we don’t), Val H and Jane will endeavour to sell them on.  Martin B offered use of his trailer.



  3. Annual Show: September 8th
    • A reminder to us all to think how we can improve the show and have more entrants and visitors.   In relation to our 30th Show in 2019, it was recalled that Saltaire Festival had a Gardeners’ Question Time with a panel of local gardeners and horticulturists, hosted by broadcaster and Saltaire allotment holder Chris Cooper with experts Andrew Walmsley from ACW Garden Centre and Woodbank Nurseries, Olive Green from Shipley College and Alison Cook of “Veg on the Edge”.
    • It was agreed that Peter T will ask Graham Porter if he could be available at some time around our 30th Show.
  4. Cliffe Castle

    Setting up a hot bed, outside, near to the new glasshouse had been suggested.  Martin will liaise with Val on this project.  We agreed that £40 could be spent on establishing it.

  5. Sale of excess plants.

    Our sales had been successful in the past when at Farmers’ Markets but the sales in Roberts Park at the Dragon Boat festivals had been unsuccessful.  Marion was willing to help staff a plant stall at an appropriate venue.  Saltaire Farmers’ Markets, the Shipley Alternative markets at Shipley’s Kirkgate Centre, and Baildon Farmers’ Market were some possibilities.  Some allotment groups also do plant swaps.  We will discuss further at the next meeting.

  6. A meal at Yo-Yo's, Shipley.

    Marion had been told by the owner that Yo-Yo’s in Shipley was closing down in a couple of months.  She suggested we may wish to have a meal together before it closes.  February 16th was suggested.  Marion P will circulate committee members.

  7. Heritage Seed Order

    Peter T will check with Kath that the order has been made.

  8. Old financial information

    It was agreed that Val H could get rid of old cheque books but not the ledger (cash book).

  9. Outstanding items
    • Visit to Growing with Grace
    • Soil Association Records
    • The Seed Cooperative – Clive to pursue buying a share for £100.
  10. Date of Next Meeting

    Thursday 8 March, 2018, at the Ring o’ Bells, Shipley, at 6pm.  Room has been booked. Thanks to Marion P.