were received from Brian and Terry. Those attending were: Alison, Clive R, Jane R, Marion P, Martin B, Peter T, Tony W, Val H

  1. Minutes and Matters Arising.

    The minutes of the last meeting were taken as read, and all matters arising were on the agenda of this meeting.

  2. The 2017 Show - feedback and lessons
    • Overall impression:  Busy and went very well.  Numbers of entries were up, but number of entrants down although some were first-timers.  Reassuring after the falls of recent years.  The visitors included many who wore “I love Saltaire” festival stickers, and it was good that the Show was in the Festival brochure (albeit with a wrong photograph).  The number of schools entering were down to 2, and the number of exhibits from under-16s were down by half on 2016.
    • Finance: nothing yet finalised but the cost of the Show was near to being covered by receipts which is much better than usual.  Val was thanked for the amount of voluntary work she’d put in both in preparation before, and work during and after the Show.  The Garden Organic material went well, especially the Year Planners.  Worth doing again for Potato Day.
    • Date:  Agreed that we should stick with the 2nd Saturday in September, which was the first of the Saltaire Festival, to avoid the street market which causes access problems.  Agreed we should advertise the Show date (September 8th, 2018) in Potato Day publicity (Tony W).
    • Talks: Due to a last minute cancellation by one speaker, we only had one talk.  Those who’d been able to attend it – Plate2Plate Composts – found it very useful, and believe it could be repeated at Potato Day or next year’s Show.
    • Programme:  Unfortunately revised timings were not amended on the flyer, but the main topic for discussion was when exhibitors could take away their exhibits.  We agreed on a revision to the programme to read
      • 2pm.   Viewing and tasting
      • 2.45pm. Removal of exhibits could start
      • 3pm.  Prizegiving
    • Stalls:  We agreed that having stalls on the balcony was good, but we need to improve publicity and have better access direction signing.  There was some discussion about Rooms and Layouts to see if more stalls could be accommodated in the main hall.
    • Café:   There was a lack of experienced volunteer workers.  
    • Feedback to College: Peter will mention the initial lack of 6 tables.  Otherwise  all went well.
    • Schools contacts and issues:  Alison will remind people currently working with schools and Jane Dark will speak to people around Keighley to encourage more interest by schools, now we have a 2018 date fixed.
    • Schedule:  The was a query as to which class crispbread, fougasse, focaccia, and chapatis /naan and other flatbreads could be put.  It was decided there was a case for Bread: other, to be discussed at the annual review of the schedule.  There was also discussion about the need for flexibility in respect of “leaves” and a “head”, as some lettuces don’t have heads.
    • Registration: and writing of place cards.  Went well as we had a new volunteer to help with the writing of place cards.
    • Judging: Martin reported that he had 10 enthusiastic judges who each had a range of exhibits to judge.
      • It was emphasised that judges should write 1, 2, 3 H C etc., of the entry cards so that Stewards can put the appropriate place cards by entries quickly.  Marion said she had had a 10-minute spot in the Chief Judge’s preparation talk but due to an oversight it hadn’t happened recently and she would re-instate it.
      • The Apple judge had said that the Cooking apples and some of the dessert apples were sour, and that having sugar available might help.  An alternative would be to bake them, but that posed problems over changes in taste due to the methods of cooking.
      • There was discussion about whether we should re-introduce criterion judging.  Currently if there was only one entry in a class it received an automatic First card, whether of good taste or not.  There had been criterion judging of home produce in the past where a single entry in a class might be awarded a First, Second, Third, or Highly Commended place card depending on its taste.  However, it was agreed that to do so throughout the Show would involve the production of criteria for each class which would involve too much work and it would not be pursued.  Judges do have the flexibility to, for example, not award a First if felt not justified or joint places or highly commended if appropriate.
      • Equipment needs:  More chopping boards, and location of the Accident Book.
    • Stewarding:  Went well.
    • Volunteers:   We had sufficient.  The number of lanyards is declining as some aren’t being returned.
    • Cups and prizes:  The D C Brown Cup is the cup for the Best Exhibit in the Vegetable Section, won by Marion, but since mislaid.  It was agreed that a future agenda item ~(Peter T) would be to sort out the Cups.  A new Best in Show Shield is needed as the current one is full.  Marion volunteered to obtain one.
    • Pre Publicity:  Need to improve advance publicity.  Clive will attempt to collate email addresses of nearby / West Yorkshire organisations who should be interested in the Show.  We need to ensure that we get the Show in next year’s Saltaire Festival publicity.

    Publicity on the Day:  Organised by John and Brian.  Said to be good (Most of those attending the meeting didn’t get outside during the day).

  3. The Annual General Meeting
    • Date:  Now fixed for December 2nd, 12 noon to 3pm (Update Val has booked this at the Caroline Club)
    • LunchVal agreed to prepare Lunch.
    • Agenda to include Donations:  Proposals to Peter T before the meeting.
  4. Potato Day 2018
    • Date:  10th February 2018   Peter T will do the Hall Booking
    • Website Forum: Peter T has set that up.  To date no comments.
    • Talks:  Potential talks from Plate 2 Plate compost man, and Alan Romans.
    • Stalls:
      • May include WR Organics, Plate2Plate, and / or Dale Foot.  Peter T will speak to Terry Marshall about WRO composts.
      • Forest of Bradford, Veg on the Edge’s Seed Swap and, possibly, others from last year.
      • Clive mentioned that the Seed Co-operative (which is the trading name of the Biodynamic and Organic Plant Breeding and Seeds Limited), which now marketed Stormy Hall Seeds,  had a plan to get packs together for organisations such as ours that could also provide us with job lots of seed packet to sell and be able to make a small profit for our group out of promoting them.  He will investigate further.
  5. Other relevant business
    • Website review and overall:  Ongoing
    • Cliffe Castle update:   Didn’t go ahead due to building work not finished on time.
    • Soil Association records: ongoing (CR)
  6. Next meeting

    The AGM at the Caroline Club on Saturday December 2nd, noon until 3pm.