Were received from Alison, John D, Marion and Val. Those attending were Brian, Clive, Jane, Martin, Peter (ch), Terry and Tony W

  1. Minutes of the last meeting and matters arising.

    The Minutes were agreed, following a correction of one name.  It was agreed that the visit to Those Plant People had been very good and 13 people went. The high quality of the plants was specifically noted.  It was also noted that Google Maps have the nursery on the other side of Keighley Road.  It was agreed that Peter send an email from WYOG thanking TPP for arranging the visit.

  2. The 2017 Show on September 9th, 2017.
    1.  Talks   These are confirmed as 11.30 Carlton Smith on Composting, and 12.30 Martin Bijl on Pruning.  This will allow Martin time to arrange the judging before he gives his talk.  These talks will be in EG17 along the corridor  as in previous years.  Peter to confirm with Lucy that it will be open.
    2. The confirmed programme is:
      • Open for exhibitors for registration and staging   10am to 11.30am
      • Open to public   from 10am
      • Free talks (45 minutes each), 11.30am and 12.30am.  (Note that the schedule has talks starting at 10.30 which is incorrect.)
      • Café open   10am to 3pm
      • Judging of exhibits  11.30am to 2pm
      • Viewing and tasting of exhibits   2pm to 3pm
      • Prizegiving    3pm
      • Sale of remaining exhibits   3.30pm
      • Close   4pm.
    3. Stalls.     We had 11 confirmed stalls, and possibly one other (Brian to check with Leeds Bread).  We agreed that WYOG, John Brooke, Pextenenent Cheese, and Terry  be on the ground floor, and the remainder, ie Plenty, Those Plant People, Brian the bee man, Fairmondo, Palestinian Solidarity Group, Leeds Vegan and Vegetarian, and the College be on the balcony.
    4. Rooms and layout  The arrangement of the stalls would allow for better movement, and for an extension of the café. Viewing of the judging will be possible from the balcony.  Peter would circulate the final layout and send to Lucy.
    5. Café  An email had been sent out asking for volunteers, both general volunteers and volunteers for the café, as well as cakes for the café.
    6. Printed schedules were now available and the schedule had been put on the website.
    7. Registration and place cards  Jane and Sue will be at the registration desk, (in the Produce Room), and once Sue has gone to do judging, Brian will help Jane with sorting the Place Cards.  Brian will ask a friend to volunteer to replace him in the kitchen while he helps Jane.
    8. Judging  Martin B will be the co-ordinator.  He had 8 judges including Kaushy Patel.  Suggested that Kaushy may wish to bring her books to sell. 
    9. Stewarding  Marion was organising.  Clive would be present at this year’s show and will help as a steward as will John.
    10. Volunteers  See paragraph 5 above.  Val believes she will be short of volunteers in the kitchen.
    11. Equipment needs  There was no need for further equipment over and above that used in previous years.
    12. Setting-up Those setting up to arrive at the college 8am to 8.30am.
    13. Pre-Publicity  The event was listed in the Saltaire Festival Guide, but with a picture of Victoria Hall rather than Shipley College on Exhibition Road.  Radio Leeds Gardening programme had been notified, and Peter will phone them on the week before.  Yorkshire Post Gardening correspondent had been notified.  Terry will contact Bradford Community Broadcasting and Clive will notify allotment groups who are on Facebook or have websites.
    14. Publicity on the day  Brian and John volunteered to do this.
    15. Floats   Peter will bring
    16. Garden Organic publicity.  Peter gave a brief description of what he’d received.  WYOG had to pay the postage which was £18.  Suggested we ask for 50p donation for some of the items to defray our postage costs.
    17. School contacts and issues  Few schools were taking up gardening,  but we will welcome all entries from schools.
  3. WYOG website

    Tony W reported that progress on changing the website has been slow, but was ongoing.

  4. AGM date

    Subject to the agreement / availability of Marion and Val it will be on December 2nd.  Peter to circulate the date and of Potato Day 2018 on Feb 10th.

  5. New Glasshouses at Cliffe Castle

    Martin reported that the rebuilt glasshouses were not yet ready, and that we should withdraw the exhibits we’d organised so that when the glasshouses are ready we can put on a good show.  The present plants can’t be maintained.

  6. Other relevant business
    1. Donations Decisions to be made at the AGM.  To consider donations to Soil Association, Garden Organic, Farm Africa, and the Seed-Co-op (a joint venture of Garden Organic, Organic Farming Association and the Biodynamic Association.)  Clive will circulate the Seed Co-op prospectus.
    2. Soil Association Yorkshire minutes – Clive reported potential donation to West Yorkshire Archives is ongoing.
    3. Garden Organic group membership card   Peter reminded us he holds this if anyone wishes to borrow / use it.
    4. Potato Day 2018  Now fixed for 10 February 2018. Peter to book the College.
    5. Botanical illustrator   Agreed to take no further action.  Peter to reply by email.
  7. Next meeting

    Fixed for September 28 at 6pm at the Ring o’ Bells, Shipley.  Room has been booked.  The main item of the meeting will be to discuss feedback on the Show.