Apologies were received from John D and Martin B. Those present were Peter T (Ch.), Alison, Brian, Clive, Jane, Marion, Val, and Tony W.

  1. Minutes of the last meeting.

    These were agreed as a correct record.  All matters arising were on the Agenda for the current meeting.

  2. The 2017 WYOG Fruit, Veg, and Produce Show
    1. The date, September 9th, had been confirmed by Shipley College.
    2. Talks will be 11.30 Carlton Smith on Composting, and 12.30 Martin on Pruning.
    3. The Programme had been agreed by email.
    4. Stalls.  The College had agreed that stalls could be on the balcony, as well as in the hall.  To date we had 10 potential stalls, and we discussed, without reaching a conclusion, as to which could be on the balcony and which in the hall.  We also discussed the new layout arrangement downstairs and the need to maintain an area for the café overflow.
    5. Café  Emails to be sent out for volunteers and cakes.
    6. Schools contacts and issues     Alison agreed to speak with Jane |Dark about potential future involvement of schools.
    7. Schedules had been finalised.  They need Tony W to add the codes.
    8. Registration and writing places cards.  Jane and Sue will sort the registration out as in previous shows.  Jane R asked for any volunteer with good handwriting to help her write out the place cards after the judges had made the decisions.  That request needs to be on the emails and snail mails sent out requesting volunteers for the café and the show.  Any volunteers reading this please fill in the Contact form (under the Get involved tab), or email mail@wyog.org.
    9. Judging           Martin B will be the coordinator, and he will check on any equipment he needs, in addition to that which Kath has at the College.
    10. Stewarding         Marion P will coordinate. Clive and Tony T will also steward, plus any other volunteers.
    11. Volunteers   Requests to go out for volunteers for café, general stewarding, and help with writing the places cards. (Tony W)
    12. Entry fees – agreed no change from recent years 40p and 20p
    13. Pre-publicity Some had been done, more to do.  Posters will be sent to all libraries (Clive, apart from Manningham (Jane), Shipley (Val), and Keighley (Marion), who will do their areas as well).  Hoped that John D would liaise with Riverford re delivery of flyers.    Peter T will contact Graham re Radio Leeds gardening programme.  Clive will contact neighbouring online allotment societies and veg growing groups.  BCB and general Radio Leeds need to be contacted nearer the time.
    14. Publicity on the day normally done by John D and Brian, consisting of banners and direction signs.
    15. Publicity materials from Garden Organic  Peter T reported that certain materials were free of charge apart from a donation covering delivery costs.  Agreed that Peter order some posters and veg planting planners.
    16. Floats      Peter will take.
  3. Other Events
    • Visit to Those Plant People   Confirmed for August 19th (Saturday), arrive by 10am.  For directions by car or train see: http://www.thoseplantpeople.com/about-usdirections.html     For directions by bus see: http://planner.wymetro.com/lts/#/travelInfo
    • Ideas for the Future:  Potential visit to Little Valley Organic Brewery.  We suspected that  it would just be an industrial unit.  Other suggestions for visits will be welcomed.
  4. Website Update
    • Tony W reported it was taking longer than he had anticipated.  Rather than repeat information about growing and cultivation found elsewhere on the internet, we would give links to useful informtion and sites. All suggestions welcomed.
  5. New Glasshouses at Cliffe Castle, Keighley
    • Martin B had agreed to lead on this.  Our original ideas about composting wouldn’t be appropriate because of the heat in the glasshouse.  Martin would implement other growing suggestions with Marion’s help, but there had been a delay in the glasshouses being ready for our involvement. We also thought of having taster days, and having the GO material available.
  6. Composts
    • The relative merits of West Riding and Dalefoot organic composts were discussed.  We would like to hear from members their experiences of using either or both.  Use Contact form or mail@wyog.org .
  7. Other business
    1. We discussed potential donations, but decided to defer the matter to a future meeting or the AGM when we would have more time to consider them.
    2. Clive will circulate information about the Seed Co-op’s Share offer.  The Seed Co-op has a 24 acre nursery, including 2½ acres of glasshouses, in the Lincolnshire fens, and is an initiative of the Biodynamic Association, supported by Garden Organic and the Organic Research Centre. It also now markets Stormy Hall seeds, and seeds from other Biodynamic and Organic growers.
    3. All other matters were held over to the next meeting (SA records (Clive), and GO membership card (Peter)).
  8. Next meeting
    • August 24, 2017 from 6pm at the Ring o’ Bells, Shipley (booked).