John D and Terry M. Those attending were Alison R, Brian F, Clive R, Jane R, Marion P, Martin B, Peter T, Tony W, Val H

  1. Minutes

    Minutes of the previous meeting were approved as a correct record, after one typographical error had been corrected on the published minutes.  All matters arising were on this meeting’s agenda.

  2. 2017 Show September 9th
    1. The Date had been discussed with Shipley College, 9th September.  (It was confirmed after the meeting.)
    2. Rooms and layouts.  Peter had ideas of changing the layout, giving some details.  He would circulate plans by email for comment.   (After the meeting, the plans were circulated and received mixed comments.  However, later, Shipley College indicated we could place stalls on the balcony backing onto the railings.  Their H+S people have given approval.  WYOG views ranged from putting all stalls on the balcony to spreading them out; some on the balcony, some downstairs.  It was subsequently suggested that we book the stalls then agree the layout when we know how many there are.) 
    3. Stalls 
      See 2. above.  We will invite the usual range of local food  and produce sellers, and charities.  The potential extra space means we can invite more if we want.
    4. Talks and timetable.  Agreed to have 2 talks, Carlton Smith on composting, and Martin Bijl on Pruning.  As Martin is co-ordinator of judges and has judging duties himself, need to finalise the programme for the day  (Update: Peter has circulated suggested timetable by email and it has been agreed).
    5. Café  Val volunteered to do this again.  We need to ensure she has sufficient donations of food, as she ran out of it at Potato Day.
    6. Schools  Tony W will put in Bradford Schools Online.  Also use Facebook.
    7. Schedule Jane, Val, and Marion had looked again at the revised shedule, which looked fine.  Any further comments to Val.
    8. Registration  As normal.  Jane appealed for someone with good handwriting to help write the names of the winners’ cards.
    9. Judging  Need more; Some of the café volunteers may be able to help in the Produce area.
    10. Stewarding  Marion will sort.
    11. Volunteers Appeal by email will be made for both the show and the café.
    12. Equipment needs  Martin knows where judging equipment is.  Val didn’t have any requests.
    13. Fees for entering classes  Keep as previous years 40p and 20p.
    14. Publicity  Tony W circulated poster – which side should date be?  Tony would finalise so it can be forwarded to magazines, Radio Leeds, etc, once programme for the day is agreed.
    15. Floats  Peter will organise.
  3. Potato Day 2017
    1. All potatoes had now been sold.
    2. For next year we need to review the number of varieties and which varieties.
    3. It was noted that our income had fell every year for the last 5 years, and that more varieties were available in shops.
  4. Other events
    1. Otley Green Fair were fully booked so we couldn’t attend.
    2. Peter will liaise with Pippa in respect of a visit to Those Plant People  (since the meeting this has been fixed for August 19th).
    3. We had been invited to Eccleshill Plant Sale on May 27th. The Plant Sale will be held at the Allotments on Harrogate Road between 10am & 2pm. There are over 1200 plants both vegetables & flowers and they are at extremely reasonable prices.  There will also be a Cake Stall and FREE tea or coffee for customers so come and have a cuppa & a bun and get your garden plants at the same time. (https://eccleshillhorticulturalsociety.wordpress.com/events/ )
    4. A potential visit to Street Head Farm, Oldfield was deferred.
    5. A potential visit to Little Valley Brewery was deferred.
    6. We decided we would aim for one visit a year.
  5. Website
    1. The website was being overhauled.  The events section had been taken out, as will the Forum which is very underused.  Instead of having our own advice pages members were asked to supply URLs to existing advice pages  to link to.
  6. New glasshouses at Cliffe Castle, Keighley.

    A space has been reserved for different groups to highlight their work and WYOG had been invited to take part.  Martin suggested the making of compost and vegetables growing in the compost.  He will liaise with the Friends of Cliffe Castle and contact members when he needs plants.

  7. A O B
    1.  Donations to Soil Association and Garden Organic.  Clive mentioned the Seed Co-op’s appeal, and wil supply further information.  Decisions to be made later.
    2. Soil Association Records – ongoing.  Clive should be able to report at the next meeting.
    3. Garden Organic Group Membership card.  Peter has, if anyone wishes to use it.
    4. The Seed Co-operative.  Potential display at our Show or Potato Day.  Clive will investigate.
  8. Date of Next meeting

    6.00, 4th July, at The Ring o’ Bells, Shipley.  Room has been booked.