were received from Brian F, Marion P, Terry M, and Jenna P. Those who attended were: Peter T, John D, Val H, Michelle H, Clive R, Jane R, and Tony W

  1. Minutes of the meeting held on January 10, 2017

    Were agreed as a correct record.  All matters arising were on the Agenda.

  2. Potato Day
    1.  General feeling:   The numbers were down on previous years. There were fewer people in the initial flush, although quite a few new faces.  Weather was bad, and weather forecast was worse which may have put people off.
    2. The order – varieties, quantities and unsold spuds.  Agreed that this needs more anaysis.  We had many left over.  Did we order too many varieties.? Did we order the right varieties? Do we need to order more of some varieties, but not so many varieties?  Jane R will circulate a list of varieties and quantities left over (Now done 4th March).  Possibly Fairmondo  and John Brookes can help.
    3. Delivery.  John D confirmed it went well.
    4. Hall layout.  Agreed it worked.
    5. Seed swap.  Veg on the Edge were happy with it, but need guidelines, ie what’s needed,  can you bring your own, at  future events.  PeterT to inform them.
    6. Stalls.  Were fine.  Michelle H suggested additional stalls could be outside if the college agreed, or could use the other room off the hall, if financially worthwhile.  PeterT would speak to Lucy again about using the balcony.
    7. Talk.  About twenty people attended Alan Romans’ talk on breeding potatoes.   Brian, Martin, and Andrew (of Those Plant People), are taking part in experiments crossing Sarpo Mira with other potatoes.
    8. Tony W said he would be selling booklets via the internet.
    9. Café.  Sold out early due not having as many cakes.
    10. Publicity.  Overall was excellent, and much earlier than in previous years.  The leaflet produced by Tony W was praised.  Michelle H suggested that we should try to keep allotment secretaries informed, so they could tell new allotment holders.  This will not be easy.  We need to expand on the work Clive R has already done on listing allotments throughout W. Yorks.
    11. Signing on the day.  None of us had checked on this.  In the past we’ve had signing from Saltaire Station and the main road.  Tony W suggested we could use small Correx signs for this.  He will investigate pricing.
  3. Organic Show 2017
    1.  Date fixed for September 9thPeter T to book that date with Shipley College.
    2. Talks – agreed to ask Graham Porter to give a talk.  Peter T to contact.
    3. Schedule.  Jane, Val, and Marion will finalise.
    4. Schools issues.  Because of schools funding issues it’s unlikely there will be progress.  Agreed to drop for the time being.
    5. Once date / hall is booked need to inform gardening magazines.
  4. Website

    Tony W will review, overhaul, and change the website.

    Agreed we (all) will forward details of good organic websites to Tony W.

  5. Events
    1. A visit to Those Plant People (at Steeton, BD20 6QR), from May onwards.  Peter T will check on possible dates.
    2. John D had received an invitation to Otley Green Fair, April 22nd, 10am to 4pm, entry free, Otley Courthouse.  He has booked.
    3. Eccleshill Horticultural Society will be holding a Plant Fair on May 27th.
    4. Suggested we explore having a visit to Little Valley Organic Brewery, HX7 5TT.
  6. Other business
    1.  Agreed we take part in suggestion of using part of new glasshouses at Cliffe Castle, Keighley.  PeterT to inform MB as he’s keen to get involved.
    2. Donations – deferred to next meeting
    3. Soil Association Records – ongoing
    4. Group catalogue to Heritage Seed Library – Cath has.
    5. Terry M had written an article on Dale Foot’s website praising the use of their composts in growing tomatoes.
    6. The Seed Co-op.  Clive mentioned them, and possibility of advertising them at our Show.  He will follow-up.
  7. Next meeting

    Will be on 26 April from 6pm, at Ring o’ Bells, Shipley