were received from Clive, Jane R, Martin, Tony T, and Val. Those attending were Brian, John, Marion, Michelle, Peter, Terry, and Tony W.

  1. Minutes of the last meeting.

    Were accepted as a correct record.  All matters arising were main items on the agenda of the meeting.

  2. Potato Day, 11 February, 2017
    1.  Potato Order.  Had been confirmed with our suppliers.  Potatoes will be delivered on the Thursday.  John D will organise as in previous years.  There was discussion about whether we have enough Sarpo ordered (Peter will discuss with John and Brian).
    2. Hall Booking.  This had been confirmed by Cath.  Set up will be on Friday at 4pm, and from 8.30pm on Saturday.  Clive has printed labels for both ends of each box, and will bring selotape.  Peter will contact Cath and Lucy to book and set up EG 21 for Alan’s talk.
    3. Hall layout.  Peter will circulate in advance and bring on the day .
    4. Seed swap.  Veg on the Edge will do.  Already advertised on Facebook, and liked by Veg on the Edge.   Suggestion that there could be a tombola for children; Michelle to explore.
    5. Stalls.  To include the Pie man (John contacting), and Forest of Bradford, Leeds V + V, Palestinian Solidarity oil, WYOG and college, West Riding Organics, Plenty, Those Plant People, and bird and bat boxes.  All confirmed.
    6. Talks.  Alan Romans will give a talk.  Room needed, see above.  We will give a donation for booklets; John to clarify booklet arrangement and talk, latter for advertising.
    7. Café. Val will run.   Need usual appeal for cakes and helpers.
    8. Publicity:  Need to send out a mailing shortly and put on Facebook and Twitter, and to put the actual varieties on our website. (Note: Clive put it on Facebook on October 20th.  All varieties have been listed on Facebook, and each is being described, as indeed will be the stalls).    Terry agreed to contact Yorkshire Post; John the T & A; Tony to do the mailings; Peter, Radio Leeds; John D, BCB in a slot called the Hippy Farmer; leaflets to be handed out to advertise WYOG show.  Printed bags   Recent quotes show that they are prohibitively expensive, so the very good idea has been dropped for the foreseeable future.  Agreed that we have a ‘selfie competition’ with a prize of up to £100; Michelle to explore.  Agreed to publicise the show at Potato Day with posters – Tony.
    9. Unsold spuds.  John and BCEP.
  3. WYOG website

    Needs a new front page. We discussed the website, and along with a visual refresh we discussed getting rid of the forums and combining some of the other elements to simplify the site a bit. The forums are not used enough to justify their existence.

  4. Social Media

    Michelle Hurford who was introduced at the start of the meeting, gave an enthusiastic talk about how she could build up interest in WYOG using Twitter and Facebook.  Given the “technophobe attitude “, AW) of many in the group, it may take a while to get everyone on board but the benefits, particularly extending the range of people we get our organic message to, were apparent to all.

  5. Deferred items

    Given the late arrival of Peter (due to a road accident involving a child just outside Huddersfield), the remaining items were deferred to the next meeting, ie:

    •  – 2017 Organic Show
    • – Schools
    • – Other events
    • – Donations
    • – Soil Association records
    • – HSL catalogue – Peter will check Cath is OK to continue organising this
  6. Next meeting

    6.00 Tuesday February 28th, Ring O’Bells.