2017/12/02 Ordinary meeting

Those attending were: Brian F, Clive R, Jane R, Peter T, John D, Marion P, Martin B, Tony W and Val H. Apologies were received from Alison, Terry M, Kay Greenwood and Tony T.

  1. Minutes of the last ordinary meeting held on 28 September 2017.

    The Minutes were agreed as a correct record. 

  2. Matters arising

    All matters arising were on the current Agenda.

  3. Potato Day, February 10, 2018
    • The Potato order was being finalised by Peter and John.  We had a discussion about what we should order.
    • Peter had booked the Hall with Lucy
    • The hall layout was discussed, plus potential stalls.
    • Speakers.  JD will ask Alan Romans.  (Update: AR is unable to come this year due to a prior commitment.).  Plate to Plate, Riverford and possibly The Seed Co-op were potential speakers. Peter and Brian to pursue.
    • Veg on the Edge had offered to do the Seed Swap again.  Peter will liaise with Veg on the Edge to improve publicity and clarify if donations are wanted, how seeds were to be presented and whether plants can be donated.
    • Stalls:  It was agreed to invite West Riding Organic Composts, Riverford, Forest of Bradford, Plenty, Plate2Plate, Leeds V and V, and WYOG will have their usual table, which may include information about the Seed Co-op (Clive will contact the latter).  The Palestine Solidarity Campaign and Fairmondo would be contacted later when the amount of space became clear.  Peter and Brian to pursue the stalls.
    • Café – Val will be happy to run, but needs food donations and helpers to serve food, wash up. etc.
    • Publicity: Tony W will price up “lamppost” signs.  It was agreed we need more A5 and fewer A4 leaflets.  Also need to include Veg on the Edge seed swap and Show date.   We will do more publicity on Facebook.  Who?
    • Potato delivery:  John D is available to do as in previous years
    • Unsold seed potatoes: Hopefully they will be fewer than in 2017.  Jane and Val agreed to deal with any.
  4. The Annual Show, September 8th.
    • We agreed to think how the event could be improved and how we can get more exhibitors. How we can tap in to more growing groups.  In this respect, Clive would update his database of Allotment Societies especially those with websites.
    • We must also ensure that publicity giving the date is available at Potato Day. Tony W.
    • Clive would develop pre-publicity for the Show via social media.
    • Marion as Head Steward would speak at the judges meeting.
    • It was agreed that Peter would contact Graham Porter about possibilities for WYOG’s 30th Show in 2019.  Tony W would contact Gardener’s Question Time.  


  5. Other events
    • It was agreed not to hold a formal New Year meal in 2018
    • Plant Sale.  It was agreed that the Plant Sale at Roberts Park was a massive amount of work for little return, but there was a need to sell organically grown plants which are surplus to individual’s needs.  Marion P agreed to investigate occasions when plant sales could be slotted into events held by other growing groups.
    • Visits: Further suggestions were Growing with Grace and Brickyard Organic Farm, though the latter is difficult by public transport – better for car sharing.  Peter would contact the former.
  6. Other relevant business
    • The Heritage Seed Library Catalogue had arrived and would be passed to Catherine Russell who would place the order on behalf of the group.
    • Soil Association Records: Clive R should have something positive to report by the January meeting.
  7. Date of next meeting

    Wednesday 17th January at 6pm at the Ring o’ Bells, Shipley.  John D agreed to book.