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Jane, Marion, Peter, Terry, Tony W, Alison, Brian, Val

Tony T. Clive, John

  1. Minutes


  2. Matters arising

    All on the agenda.

  3. Show feedback

    Review of show

    General impressions – it was quieter, fewer entries and entrants; some key players missing but new ones coming in. General quality was high. Debate about what could be causing the changes over time using Tony’s graphs, the finance summary and Jane’s entry data.

    Agreed actions

    1. Talks are good – need to get more for show/ potato day and maybe some other events eg with Graham Porter

    2. Stalls worked well – be good to have more – Peter to look at layout possibilities

    3. Room needs to be laid out on the Friday evening as too much delay on Saturday am –Peter to raise with college

    4. Jane needs help with certificate writing, need a volunteer with good handwriting – put on website

    5. Need more judges to keep to timetable so viewing and tasting can start on time – put on website

    6. Complaint about people taking exhibits before the end of the public viewing slot – review guidance

    7. Schedule – need another look. Marion, Val, Jane to meet and sort out initial ideas for the Forums

    8. Publicity – radio did well; didn’t get into the festival brochure; need all publicity ready for magazines and newspapers 3 months in advance; have date agreed before Potato day and advertise then. Need to agree at AGM and to sort out bags etc. Need more posters around the village and another banner to go on Caroline Street Car park the week or so before the show

    9. Stewarding – Marion could do with extra help – put on website

    10. Peter has 3 Trophies, Wine, DT Brown and the hamper collection – agreed to reinstate the latter next year

    11. Schools – generally good this year but need to get more growing and entering; Alison will get contact details for schools competitions and talk to Jane Dark. Need to find a way to get a collated list of all our contacts

    12. Piece in T&A about the show and also had contact from them re organic September and a very supportive piece on Radio Leeds

    13. Next year’s Show date; will try to standardise on 2nd Saturday in September. All to try and find out when the festival is next year and agree date at the AGM so it can be publicised at Potato day.

  4. Potato Day 2017
    1. Date of 4th Feb was preferred. Peter to check with John.  (After the meeting John indicated he will be unavailable for the 4th so Feb 11th was agreed)
    2. Peter to put list on Forum with suggested changes – need more first earlies
    3. Jane has some information on potatoes to share.
  5. AGM

    AGM Caroline Street Social Club 12- 3 Nov 26th. Peter to sort Agenda – to add in about the show, potato day and visits. All offers of food to Val.

  6. AOB

    Clive was thanked for the lengthy paper he had circulated prior to the meeting mainly concerning various aspects of publicity.  There was insufficient time to discuss the ideas fully and it was agreed to put it on the AGM agenda.  However, it was agreed that we need to:

    1. Improve our publicity – as many of us as possible need to learn to Tweet.
    2. Improve our involvement with members and others: suggestion that we each take it in turns to find interesting things to put up on the web site.
    3. Identify someone to offer to keep Facebook up to date. Tony pointed out that anyone within the group could be given the Facebook password.  Clive appears to have volunteered for this role.
  7. Items carried forward from previous meetings
    1. West Yorkshire branch of the Soil Association past minutes and accounts.  Marion P had read some.  Clive will contact West Yorkshire Archives to see if they would find them a useful donation.
    2.   Brighter Blooms.  Peter to contact.
    3. Advice pages on our website – to remain on the Agenda.
  8. Next meeting

    AGM, Caroline Street Social Club 12- 3 Nov 26th