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Val H, Tony W, Terry M, Sue T, Peter T, Marion P, Clive R, and Tony W

Brian F, Martin B and John D

  1. Minutes of the last meeting

    The minutes were agreed as a true record.  All matters arising were on the agenda.

  2. The Organic Flower, Fruit, Vegetable and Produce Show, September 10, 2016.
    • Talks / programme  Terry M will give a talk on the Top Ten Tips for growing tomatoes.  Graham P unable to attend due to prior engagement.  Garden Organic didn’t know of a Master Composter resident in West Yorkshire.       Jane R mentioned a possible composter, to follow up for next year.      Agreed to consider speaker(s) for future talks sometime throughout the year.
    • Rooms and layouts   No change this year, but might be a different way of doing it in a future year with exhibits’ tables arranged vertically running the length of the hall, rather than horizontally at present.  Tony W was asked to take photographs at the show so this could be visualised more easily.
    • Stalls Brian the Bee, Leeds V + V, Riverford, Terry M, plus Veg on the Edge (unstaffed part of the day) and Plenty.
    • Café Val may be short of volunteers.  Sue T can help in the café up to 10am when she’ll be on registration, and at other times if free.  Tony W was asked to put out online call for volunteers and cake donations for the café. (Update, now done 27th August)  Val H has contacted Lucy / Cath about using some of the college’s crockery, reply awaited.
    • Advanced publicity  Terry M had been in touch with David Overend of the Yorkshire Post; he will ‘phone Graham Porter on Radio Leeds Gardening programme the Sunday before the Show (as suggested by Graham P.).
    • Posters and leaflets  Tony W brought posters, leaflets and schedules for distribution.  Also website will be updated. (Now updated, 27 August)  A new banner would be delivered to him the following day.
    • Judging Martin B had updated us via email as to positive progress and plans for the day.
    • Class Entry costs, Guidelines and schedules  Agreed that those who pre-register shouldn’t have to wait to declare their entries.  One possibility may be a separate queue for those who’ve pre-registered.  Pre-registration to end midnight on Thursday to give Jane R time to enter all.
    • Stewards  Marion P believes we have sufficient.
    • Volunteers  needed, to include in Tony W’s online request.  (Update email request sent out 27/8).   Jane R to contact Alison.
    • Float, Peter T will bring
    • Show equipment,  need to check with Cath that she has show equipment for the day, including internal signs and café sign.  Reminder of easier access to the north (left) side of the building.
    • Schools.  Prizes for under 16 classes discussed.  Peter T to follow up.
    • Trophies  One outstanding, Jane R is following up.  Peter T will polish.
    • Availability for setting up café on FridayPeter T will enquire.


  3. Annual General Meeting
    • 26 November at the Caroline Club, Caroline Street, Saltaire, BD18 3JZ, not far from the Saltaire Railway Station.  All welcome.  Agreed instead of relying on Val to do all food we’d each bring some.  Val to book.


  4. Potato Day
    • February 4th, 2017 preferred.  Hall to book if that date convenient to John D.


  5. Visits and other events
    • Financial appeal from Gardenic Organic to set up a Campaigning Fund.  Agreed to give a donation.
    • Garden Club listing.  Peter T had entered details at http://www.gardenclublistings.co.uk/listing/west-yorkshire-organic-group/
    • No reply had been received from Farnhill Hall about a potential visit.
    • West Yorkshire branch of the Soil Association past minutes and accounts.  Marion P had read some.  Clive R will contact West Yorkshire Archives to see if they would find them a useful donation.
    • Brighter BloomsPeter T to contact.
    • Advice pages on our website.  To remain on the Agenda.


  6. Date of next meeting
    • 27 September, 2018 at the Ring o’ Bells, Shipley from 6pm.  Main item to discuss feedback of how the Show went. (Room has been booked)