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Peter, Clive, Marion, Val.

Brian, John, and Martin

  1. Minutes and Matters arising

    Minutes of the last meeting agreed.  No matters arising which are not on the agenda.

  2. Plant Sale feedback
    1. There were more people attending than previous year.
    2. It was hard work setting up, fetching stuff from the car.
    3. From a financial point of view we don’t need to do it, but if we do we need to make better use of the event, by promoting our group and organic gardening.  We need flyers about organic gardening and WYOG including details of the Show, and Potato Day,  and other events.
    4. If we continue we need a wider range of plants.  Better liaison with Pippa and Andrew could be beneficial.
    5. The experience of the day reinforced that we need to have a flyer about the September Show earlier in the year.
    6. The gazebo was excellent, thanks to Bracken Hall, better to hire than use our own.  Agreed Val to send £20 donation.
    7. Overall it was a lot of hard work, both in growing the plants and on the day.  We agreed that a decision on whether or not to have a Plant Sale should be made at the A.G.M.
  3. WYOG Organic Show
    1. Date confirmed: 10th September  Rooms need to be booked.  Peter will ask Cath to book.  Clive will notify Saltaire Festival’s Facebook and Graham Porter’s twitter for information.
    2. Talks / demos.     Terry has agreed to give a talk.  Riverford are willing to do a cookery demonstration.  They don’t need a kitchen, but mustn’t set off the fire alarms.  Need to investigate possibility.     Agreed we should try to have talks on the theme of basics of organic gardening and composting.  Potential speakers from BCEP, Taking on a new plot,  (Val to contact Jane R), Martin B a possibilty.  Also need to find if any G.O. /HDRA Master Composters willing to give a talk.  Also, Graham Porter suggested as a possible who could give out the prizes as well.
    3. Rooms and layout      As last year.  Rooms for talks and possibility of cooking demo need sorting.
    4. Programme     Timing of talks needs to be sorted
    5. Stalls     To confirm:  Forest of Bradford,  Leeds V + V, Pextenement Cheese, Riverford, Veg on the Edge but cooking needs to be resolved first in case the layout is affected.
    6. Volunteers.  Appeal needs to go out asap.
    7. Café  As usual.  Appeal needs to go out for volunteers
    8. Publicity     Tony to do main publicity.  All to use opportunities to publicise.  Need flyers early.  Pop-up banners mentioned for the day of the show.
    9. Cost of entering exhibits Same as last year:  For each entry 40p; pensioners, under 16s low or unwaged 20p.  Free Admission  to see the Show.
    10. Judging / guidelines and schedules     Need to check that M.B. will organise Judging again.  Stewards – Marion will liaise with Val.  Equipment for each judge as last year – Cath should have.     Guidelines – comments at our meeting after the show in 2015 need following up – given here:  “Schedules – need to get a better system for proof reading and check timings of speakers.  A few suggested changes to the classes: F040 needs to have “and other stone fruit”, remove the second lettuce category as in twice?. Jane R has a list of amendments to make. Break down the children’s categories a bit more as hard to judge at present.”    Request for volunteers needs to be circulated before schools break-up dates i.e. Wakefield, 19th July, and Kirklees, 20th;  Bradford,  22nd;  Calderdale 26th ; and Leeds,  27th.
    11. Show equipment     Apart from what Cath has, need cafetieres and possibly plates.  Val to check what we need.
    12. Schools     Peter will contact Mervyn G re Dewsbury Schools.  Tony has contact details.  Other schools – any ideas for getting more involved – Jane R and Alison
    13. Leafletting    We need pre-Show leaflets early to distribute to venues throughout county and immediate area of Shipley, Saltaire and Baildon – libraries etc.
  4. Visits and other events
    1. Otley Green Fair feedback – deferred to next meeting as John nor present.
    2. Early evening visit to Terry Marshall’s Tomatoes garden, 19th July, 6.00.
    3. Farnhill Hall – Marion P will investigate
    4. Potential visit to John Brooke’s.  Not easy for public transport – to hold in reserve.
  5. Potato Day finances

    An excellent day, close to the best ever.

  6. Other business
    1. Fairmondo forum – deferred to next meeting
    2. YAS Farmers Forum – John D had discussed with John B.  A forum for farmers and growers, not relevant to WYOG
    3. Soil Association records.  Clive will deliver to Marion P.
    4. Brighter Blooms.   Peter will contact.
    5. Donations: people to put forward suggestions for discussion at the AGM.
    6. Web hosting – deferred.
    7. Advice pages – deferred.
  7. Next meeting

    26th July at 6pm at the Ring o’ Bells, Shipley (room has been booked)