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Brian, Peter, Terry, Val, Marion, John, Clive, Tony W

Tony T, Jane R

  1. Minutes and matters arising

    Minutes of last meeting agreed; no matters arising that are not on the agenda.

  2. Plant sale
    1. Date is now 7th May, Roberts Park, as part of the Lord Mayors Dragon Boat Race
    2. John is sorting the booking
    3. Insurance – agreed to get an annual policy from Market Traders, Val to do, and will pass paperwork onto John/ Peter when it arrives
    4. E-mail to members – one has gone out today; Tony to send another asking for volunteers for the stall
    5. Plants – Val has been given some bulbs and will bag them up; John to collect box of outdoor plants from Val’s house; John to find out what time cars etc can get near to the stall to deliver the plants
    6. Volunteer rota; Marion can take plants early and go back later. John can be there there most of the day. Peter from 10. Brian from 12. Aiming to run the stall 10- 4 (or until we sell out). Peter to email committee.
    7. Gazebo. John to get the BEFIT one from Marion and see if it is usable, if not to dump; if okay to use then it can be stored at Bracken Hall afterwards. If not usable John to borrow the Bracken Hall one. John to tell Peter if blocks needed
    8. Banner – agreed to purchase a 6′ x 2′ banner for the stall;design approved. Tony to order
    9. Publicity. Tony bought along fliers and posters; people took some, Val to contact JaneĀ  and Alison to see if they need any. John to do Saltaire, Val Shipley. Brian Radio Leeds gardening show
    10. Stall materials. Tony to design and get printed a new general WYOG leaflet. John to get the box from Cath and sort it out for the Green Fair in Otley on Saturday and to ensure there are some leaflets left for the plant sale stall and take box to plant sale
    11. Float, Peter to organise
    12. Tony to make some leaflets giving the date of the show to have on the stall
  3. Show planning

    1.Bradford Schools on line is back in action, Tony to post up advert for show and encourage growing.

    2. Peter to contact Mervyn Glew re the schools he is involved in

    3.Talks, suggested we have 2 or 3, Terry can offer depending on timings; to ask Jack/ Martin re pruning; check Apple day people if they can offer anything on fruit growing, or Beardsworth at Cleckheaton. Brian to check original list

    4. Stall – usual range to be approached.

  4. Other activities
    1. WYOG meal, went well, made some good contacts with members
    2. Otley Green Fair, Saturday 23rd April, Otley Court House; John doing the stall with some FoB goods
    3. Terry Marshall garden visit – still on for July 19th.
    4. Farnhill Gardens, at Kildwick/ Farnhill. Peter to contact and ask for a good time to visit
    5. John Brookes says we can just fix a date and go – keep till we hear about Farnhill
    6. Addingham Orchard – maybe an Autumn visit if we can make contact
  5. Financial matters
    1. Potato day finances – no update as yet as Val has not been able to sort out paying SKEA, will do so asap
    2. Bank Account. Unity are about to charge a monthly fee; various alternatives are not as convenient or we don’t qualify because of low turnover etc; agreed to stay put and discuss again at AGM
    3. Web hosting. Tony proposed moving to Siteground to give us better speeds and more space. Ageed Tony to sort.
  6. AOB
    1. Soil Association records – Clive to get to Marion. John has some papers relating to some land that he thinks was passed to the SA
    2. Advice pages on the web – all still to do
    3. Brighter Blooms – Peter still to do
    4. Veg on the Edge to be contacted to see how much space they need at Potato Day; can they have a table or two or do they need an extra room? Peter
    5. Terry talked about his trials with a new organic compost from Dalesfoot, a mix of bracken and sheep’s wool, looks promising so far.
    6. Note that Peter is away April 29th – May 6th, ie the run-up to the Plant Sale but contactable by e-mail.
  7. Next meeting

    6.00, Thursday June 9th, Ring O’Bells