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Peter T, Alison, Brian F, Clive R, John D, Marion P, Terry M, and Val H.

Jane R, Martin B, and Tony T.

  1. Minutes

    The minutes of the last meeting were accepted as a true record.  All matters arising were on the agenda for this meeting.

  2. Potato Day Feedback
    1. Pre-publicity and mailings – appear to have worked. Told of long queues out of the building.  Well advertised by Graham Porter on Radio Leeds Sunday morning Gardening programme, and on Northern Allotments’ Facebook Page, as well as the mailings we did.
    2. Delivery – John D reported this had worked smoothly.  Sárpo Blue Danube appeared later, before the sale.  Sárpo Una hadn’t been given a licence by Defra so a small quantity of Sárpo Shona were supplied together with a refund. WYOG ordering early from our suppliers was successful
    3. Hall layout and set-up.  With help from the College’s caretakers set-up went smoothly.  We were able to get in earlier on the Friday as it was the last day before half-term.  Clive R has a file on his PC of labels for all the varieties which will be amended once the order for 2017 has been made, so that labels can be printed off and put on the boxes the night before the sale.
    4. Volunteers – grateful to all who volunteered.
    5. Sales – went very well, but 2 varieties sold out within 10 minutes.  For next year we must consider ordering more of some of the varieties chosen by Growing Newsome and the Dewsbury Allotment holders.  UPDATE:  After the 4 hours we only had the following left:     ORGANIC – Desiree – 18kg, Linda – 4kg, Record – 4kg, Setanta – 4kg;    Non – organic – Kerr’s Pink – 4kg, Maris Piper – <1kg, Sarpo Axona – 4kg.          After their event, as at March 5th, Growing Newsome had the following numbers of tubers remaining:           Casablanca (O) 25, Lady Christl 34, Maris Bard (O)19,  Pentland Javelin 35,  Sharpe’s Express 44, Swift 12, British Queen (O) 47, Charlotte (O) 12, Jazzy 10, Maris Peer (O) 32, Sárpo Blue Danube16, Desiree (O) 15, International Kidney 10, Kerr’s Pink 42, Salad Blue 37, Sárpo Axona 43, Sárpo Kifli 24, Shetland Black 17, and Linda (O) 49.
    6. Late sales – John D sold most of the remaining, and Jane R took the remainder for BCEP allotment users.
    7. Potato Varieties – 3 varieties were asked for – Abbott, King Edward, and Ratte.  Jazzy sold out very quickly, and Desiree didn’t sell as quick as it had the pevious year so it was suggested we should order 2 sacks next year, rather than 3.
    8. Café – ran out of hot food by 12.15.  People came in the café much earlier than usual.  The number of cafetières available in the kitchens had reduced from previous years, and there are other shortages – large plates, smaller plates, and bowls.  Peter T asked Val H to make a list of what is needed for WYOG to obtain before our Show.
    9. Stalls – were all local.  Martin remarked by email that business was brisk at the Forest of Bradford stall and the fruit trees sold quickly.  It was agreed to have only local stalls at Potato Day and the Show.  Peter T will inform Brighter Blooms.
    10. Seed swap – It was suggested that we run this in conjunction with a local group, such as Veg on the Edge.  John D agreed to attend their next meeting which was thought to be March 17th  (their Facebook page shows March 24 upstairs at Fanny’s Ale House)
    11. Banners and Notices on the Day – worked well.  Although varieties were on the website, need to combine RHS guide to Best varieties for Roasting, boiling, chips, etc with the varieties we are selling.
  3. New Year Meal

    Planned to be at Hansa’s, Leeds, but didn’t take place due to low numbers.  An alternative date and venue – MyLahore on Great Horton Road, Bradford – was agreed for April 8th at 7.00.

  4. Plant Sale

    Possibly on May 14th to coincide with the Saltaire Local Produce Market.  To discuss at the next meeting.

  5. The Show
    1.  The provisional dates for the Saltaire Festival are 10th to 18th September, 2016.  A provisional date of Saturday 10th September was agreed for the Show to avoid the street market which normally happens on the second Saturday of the Festival and has in the past caused problems of access for exhibitors, and setting up. 10 September was recognised to be early in the term for school entries.  The alternate date of September 24th was deemed too late  to make sure we have a decent number of entries from all growers.
    2. Agreed to have talks.  Terry M volunteered.  Others to ask
  6. Other events and visits
    1. Terry M’s garden to see his tomatoes – fixed for July 19th at 6pm.
    2. Possibly a visit to John Brooks Brickyard Organic Farm at Badsworth Moor, WF9 1AX.  John to pursue.
  7. Other Business
    1.  Soil Association Yorkshire Records.  Clive R now has them and will pass them to Marion P.
    2.   Need to change website which shows notice of the AGM in the latest news.
    3.   Advice pages on the website to be discussed at our next meeting.
    4. Peter intended trying to contact Ronnie Pressland.
  8. The Next Meeting

    At the Ring of Bells, Shipley on Tuesday 19th April at 6pm.