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Val H, Tony W, Terry M, Peter T, Marion P, Clive R, Brian F.

Martin B, John D, Jane R, Alison R.

  1. Minutes of the last meeting

    Were agreed as a true record.  Discussion on the scope and future of the Plant Sale will be discussed at the AGM.

  2. Organic Fruit, Flower, Vegetable and Produce Show, September 10, 2016
    1.  The rooms are booked at Shipley College.
    2. It was agreed that the show should in future be named – The Organic Fruit, Flower, Vegetable and Produce Show.
    3.   Talks  Terry M had volunteered.   Peter T has made approach to Graham Porter, and will ask G.O. for details of Master Composters in our area, in the hope that one will come to talk about composting.  Talks to be at 11.30, 12.30, and 1.30, each 45 minutes long.  Terry having the 12.30 slot, if possible, as he is also judging.
    4.   Rooms and layouts as last year.
    5.   Stalls  Unfortunately Pextenement Cheese can’t attend that Saturday.  Peter T will contact another local cheesemakers.  Riverford, Terry Marshall’s Tomatoes, Leeds V and V.  Additions may be Veg on the Edge and / or Plenty.
    6.   Café Val H had already put a call out for volunteers, 2 so far able to help on the day.  She will ask Tony W to put an appeal on the website.  Also an appeal for home made cakes.  Val H had bought 3 cafetieres (and may buy more), and other necessary equipment.
    7.   Advance publicity   Clive R had contacted G. Porter and it had been announced on Radio Leeds’ Sunday Gardening Programme.  Terry M will notify T&A and Yorkshire Post, Brian will contact Radio Leeds , Peter T Garden Organic, and Tony W will contact BCB.   We need better images for the programme and flyer.  Jane and Alison to be asked, also Julia of Apple Day.  Marion had obtained a form to sponsor Saltaire Festival which she’d passed to Peter T.   The banners had been obtained.  Agreed we need 2 sides of A4 for the schedule and requirements, and one for the flyer, free standing banners not needed as not weatherproof, so could only be used indoors.  Tony W was working on a new banner which could incorporate the new show name.
    8. Schedules and Judging  Val H and Marion P had met and discussed the 2015 schedule.  Various adjustments were agreed.  These included more classes for ‘made or grown by under 16s’.   Val H will pass corrected wording on to Tony W.  Agreed that classes be in Alphabetical  Order, but keeping their alpha-numeric codes.  Martin B checking on Judges’ pack.  Marion P will check on Stewards.
    9.   Class entry costs to be maintained at 40p per class, 20p for pensioners, under 16s, and low waged or unwaged.
    10.   Float Peter T will bring
    11.   Schools  need to involve schools earlier on in the academic year, perhaps with Potato Day as a start to growing.  To discuss with Alison R and Jane R. Peter T also to contact Melvyn Glew  who has contacts in Dewsbury schools.
    12.   Posters and leaflets  Val H will distribute posters in Saltaire and Shipley, Brian in Ilkley, Clive around Thornton, Peter in Huddersfield.  Volunteers for other areas welcome.
  3. Visits and other events
    1. Thanks to Terry Marshall for the tour around his tomatoes, and the cake.
    2. John D had been unable to get to Otley Green Fair due to vehicular mechanical failure.
    3. Attempts were being made to contact owners of Farnhill Hall re a possible visit to their gardens
  4. Other Business
    1.   Fairmondo Forum not relevant to WYOG at this time
    2.   Web Hosting changes had been made.
    3.   Farmers Forum not relevant to WYOG at this time
    4.   Soil Association Records Clive R had brought to give to Marion P.
    5.   Advice Pages to leave on the agenda
    6.  Brighter Blooms.  Peter T still to contact.
  5. Next Meeting

    To be held at the Ring o ‘Bells, Shipley at 6pm on August 25th, (has been booked).