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There isn’t s much to plant this month as you will be starting to harvest.
Chard, peas and beetroot can still be sown as can parsley.
Plants to harvest may include beans (French and runners) beetroot, broad beans, summer cabbage (Greyhound, hispi), early calabrese, carrots, early potatoes, rocket and spinach.
The weeds will need keeping in check and you should keep feeding, Seaweed liquid can be fed directly to the pants or you can spray the leaves.
Growing tips - Seeds to plant in August

  • Leaf salad winter mix can be sown outdoors up to October or indoors throughout the winter
  • Chinese cabbage
  • Salad onion White Lisbon winter hardy
  • Chicory Grumlo Verde- green rossettes ready to eat in spring
  • Pak choi tatsoi- flat spoon like dark green leaves; sow from July onwards
  • Pak choi baby choi – a half size pak choi, sow until early autumn
  • Cabbage wheeelers imperial – dark green, compact pointed heads
  • Asparagus lettuce Cracoviensis – a loose leaved lettuce, looks a bit like a cos which can be sown from July and will bolt to produce edible stems that taste like asparagus
  • Turnips – many different types. White globe, golden ball, purple top mild and zurcher are some of the more interesting ones

If you are really quick you could get a last sowing of carrot autumn king, spinach and the winter radishes.

It’s is also the time to think about ordering your autumn sown onion sets and shallots, and it won’t be long before you are ordering your garlic bulbs!

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