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pollution from synthetic fertiliser

The Soil Association are running a campaign to stop pollution from synthetic fertiliser. The way we grow our food is damaging the soil, destroying plants and killing wildlife. Emissions from fossil fuel-based nitrogen fertilisers used in intensive farming are sadly contributing to the climate emergency. But it doesn’t need to be this way.

Join them in making a stand against synthetic fertilisers. Together we can:

  • Set a target for reducing fossil fuel-based fertiliser use in UK farming
  • Help farmers to transition away from these expensive, synthetic fertilisers
  • Support nature-friendly farming approaches, like organic, that don’t rely on synthetic fertilisers

They have an online petition – go to their web site https://act.soilassociation.org and look for the fix-fertiliser campaign

Save our Bees

38 degrees are currently running a campaign to save our bees after research reveals that the UK has failed to ban 36 dangerous pesticides that are forbidden in the EU, some of which are highly toxic to bees. You can sign the petition at https://act.38degrees.org.uk/act/ban-bee-killing-pesticides-23?submit=true

Government backpedalling

Government policies

The Soil Association has flagged its serious concern about reports that the Westminster government might backpedal on plans to make sure farm subsidies benefit nature and climate.  Head of Farming Policy, Gareth Morgan said  that such a move would be "an outrage".

The Soil Association is also asking the new Defra ministers to make sure that farmers that do most for the environment - such as organic farmers - are properly rewarded for the benefits they provide. "We know most farmers care deeply about  the environment and it is vital that they’re rewarded to protect it – especially in the face of trade deals that threaten to undercut British farmers with imports of food ordered to lower environmental and animal welfare standards. Government must proceed with the most evidence-based solution – a rapid shift to agroecological, nature-friendly farming.

Sustainable Living Guide

Sustainable Living Guide

The Soil Association has created a FREE digital Sustainable Living Guide! In the guide, you’ll find lots of ways you can help restore nature, health, and a safe climate from the ground up. Covering all areas of sustainability, with a number of small changes you can make at home and advice on bigger changes you can make in your life to reduce your carbon footprint and support a sustainable future. This guide includes:

  • The latest on packaging
  • Creating a wildlife friendly garden
  • How to avoid greenwashing
  • The link between your finances and sustainability, from Triodos Bank
  • Energy saving advice, from the Centre for Sustainable Energy
  • Sustainable travel tips, from Sustrans

You can download the guide from the soil association web site www.soilassociation.org or try the link


Stop Poison Poultry

The Soil Association is running a campaign Stop Poison Poultry as they raise raising awareness of the toxic pesticides sprayed on soya crops across Brazil – pesticides that are dangerous to farm workers and their families and wreak havoc on Brazilian biodiversity. As the soya is exported to the UK and fed to millions of British chickens, they are  calling on supermarkets to pay urgent attention to pesticides and scrub their chicken supply chains clean.
There is an alternative created through Innovative Farmers  where research by one farmer has been growing vetch and sprouting the seeds which he feeds to his chickens, these are more nutritious and converted into a reliable source of protein. Vetch is a useful crop as it’s a nitrogen fixer. Read more at www.innovativefarmers.org
You can find out more about the campaign and add your name via the link below. https://act.soilassociation.org/stop-poison-poultry