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New Website

We are excited to let you know that our new website is now working – take a look at wyog.org.uk and see what you think. There are lots of new sections as well as the familiar ones from before. We will continue to add to it, so please send any news and ideas in and we can put them up.

We now have a section on how you can help WYOG so see if there is anything you can offer to help promote organic growing in West Yorkshire. One area where we are weak is on the our use of social media, so if you are good at using it and could use it to promote WYOG please get in touch.

An exciting invite to a garden and a Passivhaus

In 2017, Sue and Peter Taylor took the decision to build a Passivhaus in their garden in Kirkburton near Huddersfield. Work started in 2018 and they were lucky enough to move in about 18 months later, as it was a few months before the first lockdown. Passivhaus is a German concept aimed at producing housing which minimises energy use.

On Saturday July 9th, at 3.00, Sue and Peter will be holding a garden party in their garden for WYOG and Huddersfield Green Party members. There will also be a chance to look round their Passivhaus. So, if you are interested in the house or simply wish to be sociable, it would be great to see you. Please let them know you are coming by contacting us. If you would like to bring a contribution to the food that would be great but please let us know.

A new organic shop in Bingley

Hedgehog Organics will open soon at 90, Main Street Bingley. We'll be selling certified organic (and trusted local but not certified) fruit and veg and a range of other organic foods including bread.  We'll offer a local delivery service too. A range of cleaning products and toiletries will be available as refills and with reduced packaging.  We'll support local growers, producers and suppliers that we know of and we're always on the lookout for more.  We are organic because we want to see more land converted to organic farming.  Organic soils are brimming with tiny lifeforms that enable plants to get everything they need from the soil, without adding artificial fertilisers and pesticides.  Non organic farming relies on massive inputs of fossil fuel for fertilisers and other chemicals, many of which are imported and costing more and more.  The soils end up lifeless and much less effective as carbon sinks.Why hedgehogs? They are a much loved British mammal that are sadly in decline, particularly in rural areas, where chemical treatment might lead to poisoning, but largely reduces the diversity and abundance of hedgehogs' preferred food of invertebrates. Our friends at Bingley Hedgehog Rescue tell us this is leading to many more cases of sick hedgehogs and reducing populations.  A transition to organic farming could help halt this decline by increasing hedgehog friendly habitats and improving the diversity of their food.Our website, hedgehogorganics.co.uk should go live soon. Watch this space.