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    Attached is the list of varieties which were on sale at Potato Day 2016.

    Quantities of a number were left at the end. There was most of a sack of Desiree so we can order a sack less and try something else. The remnants of the others which are shown underlined in red were fairly small but could provide another opportunity for a change so let us know what you think. As they are all main crops, suggestions of replacement earlies would be especially appreciated.

    Another point to consider is that to keep delivery costs down, we only order from two suppliers:

    Skea Organics – whose website is currently down.
    WCF Horticulture – http://www.wcfhorticulture.co.uk/information

    Please see their sites for varieties available.


    The difficulty in suggesting alternatives is that Skea’s website is down for maintenance. I’ve searched elsewhere to see which varieties they offer and can’t find anything. I wondered about Marfona and Sante.


    Good point, Clive. I’ve been in touch with Skea and attach their list of available varieties below.


    As an OG group we should replace organic with organic. Skea have sold out of Linda organic, so I’ll look up those organic spuds I don’t know from Skea’s list and come back to that. Are we being unkind on Maris Piper – it’s supposed to be the best variety for chips? We didn’t have many left,m as my photo shows.


    Having checked Skea’s list asgainst what we had from them last year we find that 2nd Early British Queen (organic) has sold out, that Maincrop Linda (organic) has sold out, although they have non-organic, and Sarpo Una is not available, so that’s 3 varieties to replace. We could replace Sarpo Una with Sarpo Mira. I am still working through the list og organics varieties inknown to me, but an initial comment would be that EM10, bred by Skea, kown also as Mary’s Rose looks interesting, and that Lady Balfour, named after organic pioneer Lady Eve Balfour is supposed to be the best potato for organic production, and the Agronomy and Horticulture Development Boad variety datasbase says of it: “Lady Balfour is a very high yielding organic variety. Vigour is exceptional under low fertility conditions. Dormancy is extremely long, allowing long term storage without the use of sprout suppressants. Susceptible to late Blackdot, dry rot Fusarium sulphureum , silver scurf, skin spot and potato leafroll virus. resistance to late blight on tubers, powdery scab, blackleg and potato virus Yo. ”

    However I still have other varieties to look up.



    Thanks for taking the time to do this Peter – it’s very helpful. Of the varieties that you’re thinking about swapping, we’d be sorry to lose the Maris Piper as we’ve already had some requests from our participants for those. As usual, our biggest buys are likely to be Pink Fir Apple, Charlotte, Sarpo Mira and Kestrel.

    We will definitely buy:




    Golden Wonder 

    International Kidney




    Lady Christl

    Maris Bard

    Pentland Javelin

    Pink Fir Apple

    Red Duke of York


    Salad Blue

    Sarpo Mira

    Shetland Black


We’re also very likely to buy some these if available:


    British Queen

    Maris Peer

    Maris Piper


    Sarpo Una

    & a few others

    We’d also buy the Home Guard if that was ever available again (as some people still ask us for it) and we’d like to have some more organics. We’ve only started taking requests from our group in the past week, and so far the only other varieties that we’ve been asked for are ones that your suppliers don’t stock (Ratte and Belle de Fontenay).


    I come every year to get Record (as recommended by Laurence Hill). I would be very disappointed if you discontinued ordering it

    With a low water content and excellent taste t is a brilliant baking potato


    I’ve grown Nicola (2nd early? salad potato)for years – they’re the only potato
    I’ve grown that doesn’t get slugged – on a very sluggy site…. that is apart from Spey – a floury maincrop, which I haven’t managed to track down for ages


    Last year, I got some new varieties that were organic and BLIGHT-PROOF!
    As I have given up on growing maincrops, this was a real breakthrough!
    Tried “Athlete”, “Alouette”and “Carollus”
    They were all excellent, good croppers, tasty, good quality.
    I was not very keen on the Carollus, as it quite “floury” and I prefer a more waxy type, but the best thing about them was, they went through to September with no blight!
    I can’t remember the supplier, it was an Irish sort of name.
    I will definately want to grow them again.
    I also like Sharpes Express as a first early.
    Best wishes Maggie.


    I’ve checked the Scottish Potato Crop Register for 2016 and it doesn’t include any sites growing Spey potatoes. Although I have seen some new varieties which are from Spey crossed with another variety, such as Pink Gypsy which is a cross between Sinfonia and Spey .


    Thanks for checking that out Clive


    Robinta is the variety I would like to be available please. Great flavour. The chap who sells veg at the Potato Day from Brickyard Organics recommended it one year and I wasn’t disappointed.


    I would also like to be able to get Belle de Fontenay and Record as mentioned by others. I’d also like Vivaldi if possible – a great jacket spud.


    Thanks all for the comments. I’ve tried to accommodate as many of them as possible. The draft list is attached for any final thoughts.


    On our Facebook page, details of each variety will be listed between now and Potato Day. This website will also be updated. Our Facebook Page is at: https://www.facebook.com/WYOGorg-West-Yorks-Organic-Group-322932937751742/?fref=ts

    We also have a frequently updated Twitter account : https://twitter.com/WYOG_org

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