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    For years I’ve been visiting the Show, and thinking that the following year I’d have to enter something, but for years I’ve grown few vegetables. And then in 2011 the Home Produce section expanded. I couldn’t get that year but decided in 2012 I would enter something.

    I’d promised 2 friends that I’d pick them up from Northants and drive them and their cat back to Bradford, on the Wednesday before the Show, so I could concentrate on cooking 12 items to enter in Home Produce on the Thursday and Friday. And then my car windscreen shattered. It was repaired on the Thursday evening, and I drove to Northants and back on the Friday, returning home for 8.30pm.

    I gave up trying to make 12 items for the Saturday morning but started at 9pm, went to bed at 2.30pm, woke up at 6am, continued cooking, made 4 items and entered 2, managing to get them to the show by 11.25am. That I won anything was amazing. The Cheese Brioche won Best Bread in Show. It’s supposed to be made using a food mixer, but I don’t have one. I missed out the shallot (had it, just forgot to put it in); I only had some organic Cheddar and Goats Cheese so used that instead of Gruyere, and I didn’t dice it, but grated it. At the time I’d not had a sense of smell for several years, so I had no idea what it tasted like.

    This year I hope I’m more organised, although the garlic I started to grow died through lack of water. They were growing well until the hot spell when I became ill (with, at that time, undiagnosed Polymyalgia Rheumatica), and was unable to get outside to water them.

    I hope to enter at least 1 vegetable class, and several Home Produce Classes. Some Home Produce is already made; the bread(s) will be made nearer to the Show Day.

    If like me you’ve always thought you should enter something in the Show, but haven’t, then do it this year. I enjoy gardening and cooking, and organic food. I don’t enter to win, but to be part of The Show..


    The triumph of brioche over adversity!

    I remember your entry last year – it was delicious. Good luck with this year’s entries.


    I want to add my thanks to those who organise the show and potato day. As I’ve written above, I didn’t enter with any idea of winning, but to showcase organic produce. I’m glad that the Plum Compote pleased the judges. I mis-read the recipe, one of Nigel Slater’s, and convinced myself it said ‘100 grams of muscavado sugar’. It actually said of caster sugar. As the only sugars I had, both organic, were granulated and demerera, I used demerera as being closest to muscavado, although I know it was the vanilla pod which brought out the flavour of the plums.

    I’d planned for more than 18 entries but couldn’t find my box of whole cloves when I needed to cook some apples for the ‘fruit pasty, etc’ section, and I ran out of time with the Summer soup, dressed potatoes, sauce / relish, and dressed veg. My white bread was a disaster, as were the white spelt rolls, so I didn’t enter them. The vegetable based cake called for self-raising flour but I had none, so I put far too much baking powder in my plain flower and saw the cake erupt like a volcano and then sink in the middle, which remained uncooked. The rest of it was tasty but I couldn’t enter it.

    I didn’t enter any veg. I’m just eating now leaves of Merveille de Quatre Saisons Heritage lettuce which has still not hearted up (probably it doesn’t), and the ‘matures in 24 days’ Heritage French Breakfast radishes, which are only now beginning to bulk up 45 days after I sowed them.

    I probably have enough blackberries in my bramble patch in the garden to make another jar of Blackberry Jelly, and I hope to make some chutney today, one pot of which I will reserve for next year’s Show.

    The Show and Potato Day couldn’t happen if it wasn’t for a dedicated band of volunteers who deserve all our thanks. If I’m to grow any veg next year I need to get out into the garden now and dig it over as it’s been fallow for far too many years.

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