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    Last year’s sale was not very successful for various reasons –
    – uncertainty about date and venue until very late
    – ended up at unfamiliar venue which probably didn’t suit our regular customers
    – because of uncertainty people were not given early then other reminders about growing plants for us to sell
    – publicity went out late – not sure if it went to all the places it usually goes to
    – lack of customers in general in Bingley compared to Saltaire

    If we go ahead this year in Saltaire at the Farmers market some of these will not be an issue as long as there is someone making sure the plant requests, publicity, reminders etc happen at the right time. Ideally it needs someone to coordinate this as well as to sort out gazebo, tables, signs, rota, prices etc

    We also need to decide why we have the plant sale – fund-raising, publicity for WYOG, a chance to talk to people about organic gardening etc and raise our profile/get more members? It is a lot of work but also fun if enough people think it is worth doing.

    Marion Pencavel

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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