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    I saw two brutally murdered corrections officers that’s what I saw he said I have their blood on my shoes

    Donnie Russell Rowe serving life without parole and Ricky Dubose who has prominent tattoos on his face and neck overpowered disarmed and killed Sgt Christopher Monica and Sgt Curtis Billue and then carjacked a driver who happened to pull up behind the bus on a rural highway Sills said

    They got into the grass green four-door 4 Honda Civic with the Georgia license plate number RBJ- and drove west on state Highway toward Eatonton southeast of Atlanta

    We are still desperately looking for these two individuals They are armed with mm pistols that were taken from these correctional officers They are dangerous beyond description If anyone sees them or comes into contact they need to call immediately the sheriff said

    The two inmates got a head start by taking and tossing the Honda driver’s cellphone and leaving the other prihappy 4th of july quotes | 4th of july quotes
    soners locked inside the bus Sills said

    My biggest worry is they’re going to kill somebody else Sills said

    Later Tuesday the manhunt shifted about miles (4 kilometers) to the north to the city of Madison where Sills said the two men burglarized a house and then two men fitting their descriptions were reportedly seen in a Family Dollar store less than a mile away Authorities had no further signs of the inmates and had no reason to believe they had split up Sills said
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